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Mrs. W.P. Molloy

1858                Welcome’s Building, over Col. Stone’s Printing Office, Plattsburgh, New York. 1858                Rooms over Republican Office, Plattsburgh, New York.

Mrs. W.P. Molloy was recorded in one advertisement and two announcements in the Plattsburgh Republican (Plattsburgh, New York).  The advertisement ran from July 24 to December 4, 1858.

Daguerrean Gallery!  Mrs. Molloy Will open a Gallery Of Art about the middle of next week in Welcome’s Building, over Col. Stone’s printing office, where all who desire may have well executed pictures in Phototypes, Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Sphereotypes, and Hillotypes in oils, India Ink or plain, at reasonable prices.  Mrs. M. Possessing the acquirements of an Artists in painting will furnish Photographs in a very elegant style of finish.  Cloudy weather preferred.

The first announcement appeared on September 18, 1858.  List of Premiums Awarded at the Sixteenth Annual Fair of the Clinton County Agricultural Society Held at the U. S. barracks, in Plattsburgh, September 9th 10th & 11th, 1858.                                                                   …Best Colored Crayon Drawing:  1st Prize, Mrs. W. P. Malloy, Plattsburgh,   2.                                 …Best Pencil Sketch:  Mrs. W. P. Malloy, Discretionary.  This was very fine and worthy of especial notice.                                                                                                                                      Ambrotypes:               1st Prize, P. Tenny Gates, Plattsburgh,                        2.                                        Photographs:              1st prize, P. Tenny Gates, Plattsburgh,                        2.                                          Daguerreotypes:        1st prize, P. Tenny Gates, Plattsburgh,                        2.                            Professor Gates did himself great credit, and exhibited his usual taste.

The second announcement appeared on December 25, 1858.  Ambrotypes and Photographs are among the most appropriate articles for presents.  They may be had at Gates’ Gallery or at Mrs. Molloy’s rooms, over the Republican Office.

Mrs. W.P. Molloy is not recorded in other photographic directories.