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Samuel N. Benedict

Samuel N. Benedict is recorded twice in Penn Yan Democrat (Penn-Yan, New York), in the partnership of House & Benedict.  They are first listed in an announcement by the editors of the newspaper and second in an advertisement that ran from June 3 to September 23, 1857.   In the announcement we learn that they came from Elmira, New York. To date no  newspapers from Elmira have been searched.

Attention is invited to the advertisement of House & Benedict, which may be found in this paper.  They are recently from Elmira, where they had established a reputation as first rate artists.  They take all kinds of pictures—Daguerreotypes Ambrotypes, Melanotypes and Cameotypes in superior style.  They have taken the rooms recently occupied by Mrs. McAllaster.

House & Benedict’s Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, Melainotype and Cameotype Rooms.  House & Benedict (formerly of, Elmira) having purchased the Rooms previously occupied by Mrs. McAllaster, over Suydam’s Grocery Store on Main st., Penn Yan, beg leave to call the attention of the citizens of Penn Yan and vicinity, to the new and Superior Style of Pictures taken by them.  They are now prepared to take Pictures of nearly every kind, such as Daguerreotype, Melainotype, Ambrotype, Sphereotype, Cameotype, Transfer Pictures, etc., which are warranted not to fade.

The Melainotype, or Iron Picture, receives universal commendation by all who have examined their superior qualities.

Lockets, Pins, Rings, &c., Filled with neatness and dispatch, either with Daguerreotype or Melainotype.  A large variety of Fancy Cases, Frames, &c., constantly on hand, and at Moderate Prices.  Pictures taken in all kinds of weather.—Sphereotype, Cameotype, Transfer Pictures taken only at this Gallery.  Instructions given in the Art, and Apparatus furnished if desired.  The public are invited to call and examine specimens, whether wishing a Picture or not.  Pictures copied with neatness.            Tho’s J. B. House.  Sam’l N. Benedict.

Craig Daguerreian Registry does have an entry for Samuel N. Benedict, and there has been no connection found to suggest a connection to N. Benedict even though there is a possibility they could be the same person.  John does have an entry for T. J. B. House in Penn Yan and Milo, New York in 1859.