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George A. Vallet

1857-1859       72 North-Front Street in J. D. Wilson’s New Brick Building, Kingston, New                              York.

George A. Vallet was recorded in nine advertisements and one announcement in The People’s Press (Kingston, New York).  The first advertisement ran from March 20, to September 11, 1857.  George A. Vallet & Co.’s Daguerrean Rooms, Colored Daguerreotype Likeness, Ambrotypes, Crayon Pictures, Photographs, Stereoscopes & Chromotints.  The subscribers, successors to R. H. Hill, would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Kingston, and all those visiting this place, that they continue the Gallery at 72 North-Front street, in J. D. Wilson’s New Brick Building, where has been elegantly fitted up large and spacious rooms with all the improvements of the age, and with the Largest Sky-Light between New York and Buffalo.  They will always be happy to wait upon those wishing a beautiful and colored Life-Like Miniature.

You are invited to call and examine their Specimens and mode of Operating, and, if suited, to sit for your Likeness.  Persons will not be expected to take their Miniature unless entire satisfaction is given; but if the Likeness in taken from the Room, it will not be exchanged for less than fifty cents.  The subscribers’ long experience in the Daguerrean Art, gives them the fullest confidence that they will be able to please all who favor them with a call.  All work done at this establishment warranted fadeless and of the best order.  Being permanently located, they is desirous of building up a reputation for Style, Cheapness and Durability.

Prices—From $1 to $15, according to the size and style of Case or frame; in Lockets $1.  Those having poor impressions can have them retaken for 75 cents.

Ambrotypes—These are a new and beautiful style of miniatures, and by far excel anything heretofore made in light and shade; before made in light and shade; they are only to be seen to be admired.  Price the same as Daguerreotypes.  They are made on pure crystal glass, and are more durable than any other miniature, as no acid will remove or injure them.  They are taken in much less time than other pictures, so bring on the children.

Stereoscopes.—These are produced by making two pictures at different angles, and after being placed in a stereoscope case a most wonderful effect is produced and the subject stands out like life itself.

For Sick or Deceased Persons, A House or Landscape, where it is necessary to remove the Apparatus, $5.

Gold Lockets always on hand for sale Cheap.

Hours for Operating, from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M.  Children should be brought in between 10 and 3 o’clock.

All Daguerreotypes taken at this Gallery after this date may be re-taken in the natural colors for the mere cost of the materials, as soon as the process is made public—the subscriber having secured the exclusive right for Ulster county.

Full Instructions in the Art, given on reasonable term, to those wishing to engage in the business.

Stock.—All kinds of Operator’s Stock furnished at New York prices.  Geo. A. Vallet & Co. 

The second advertisement ran from March 27, 1857 to December 29, 1859.  Geo. A. Vallet & Co.’s Daguerrean Rooms, North Front Street, Kingston, Above Wilson’s Hat & Cap Store.

The third advertisement ran from September 11 to December 4, 1857.  Pictures For The Million.  Daguerreotypes at Reduced Prices.  The undersigned, at their Daguerrean Rooms, No. 72 North Front Street, are now taking superior Ambrotypes at the exceedingly low price of 50 Cents, put up in cases of the most unique and recent styles.

Pictures are taken in all kinds of weather, from 8 A. M., to 6 P. M., and executed in all cases so as to give entire satisfaction.

N. B.  Pictures taken for sick or disabled persons at their residences.  Geo. A. Vallet & Co. Kingston, Sept. 9, 1857.

The fourth advertisement ran from December 11, 1857 to April 2, 1858.  Observe.  Ambrotypes, Large Size, For Fifty Cents, case Included At G. A. Vallet & Co.’s., 72 North-Front St.  Citizens And Strangers, your attention is respectfully invited to the following remarkable reduction in prices.  (Come and examine, and see for yourself.)  Large sizes, twice the size ever offered before, for 50 cents.  Extra large size or ¼ for $1.50.  Double extra size for $3.00, and all others in proportion.

If you would secure a likeness of your family or friends, you know have a rare opportunity to do so.—What a treasure is a life-like miniature of a deceased and departed friend; which, when looked at, call to mind all the associations incident to human life—besides being a valuable keepsake, for a memento that the person would not part with for any consideration.  Come and see, and have your own taken and bring your friends with you.

Pictures taken as well in cloudy as fair weather; and no picture offered unless entire satisfaction is given.

N. B.  Pictures put in Lockets for 50 cents.  Geo. A. Vallet & Co.                           

The fifth advertisement ran from February 26 to April 2, 1858.  A Great Gift!  Come and see for Yourselves.  A Splendid large size paper Mache Case And Picture, valued at $15, to be given for a dollar, at Vallet & Co.’s., 72 North Front Street.

Each purchaser will receive a ticket to draw the case; to be drawn for in one month.  There will be no risk in trying, as you will receive full value in the Picture you purchase, and a ticket for the great gift.

Pictures taken from 50 cts. to $5, and all warranted to give entire satisfaction.  Hours for operating from 9 o’clock, A. M., to 5 o’clock, P. M.   Geo. A. Vallet & Co.  Kingston, Feb 22, 1858.

The sixth advertisement ran from April 9, 1858 to December 29, 1859.  Vallet’s Gallery, (Formerly Hill’s,) Wilson’s Building, 72 North Front St., Can supply in an instant an imperishable image of husband or wife, child or parent, or friend, which may, by the accident of life become the fondest treasure and memento of the heart.  It is the veritable reflection of the original, truthful as He who said “let their be light” painted by light itself.

The firm of Geo. W. Vallet & Co., was dissolved in March and the interest of my partner purchased by me.  I am now alone, and will spare no exertion to secure for the prosecution of the Art which has been my study and undivided pursuit for years, every discovery made by science.  The ordinary Daguerreotype has been succeeded by the Ambrotype.  Melainotype And Photograph.

These are all decided advances in faithful portraitures and their beauty as mere pictures.  Specimens of the several styles can be seen at my Gallery, to which I gave a general public invitation.

The prices vary with the size and style from $5 down to 50 cents, and the Cases are of a rare variety, from a plain morocco to the richest pearl and tortoise.

Hours of operating, sunny and cloudy days being equally favorable now, from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M.—Terms reasonable for landscapes or pictures of the dead.

Vallet’s Gallery has been completely refurnished, and by the opening of an ample side light, the facilities for taking brilliant pictures are much increased.  George A. Vallet.  Kingston, April 1st, 1858.

The seventh advertisement ran from July 23, 1858 to December 29, 1859.  Improved Ambrotype.  The undersigned has discovered a new process of Ambrotyping, by which the picture is Thrown Out From A Grained Ground and represented in a perfectly Life-Like Position.  He would therefore invite all persons interested in this art, to call and examine specimens of his work.  He feels confident that his discovery is superior to anything ever before offered in the Daguerrean art For Representing Life Itself in the Picture.  The price of pictures taken by the Improved Process, is from $1.00 upwards, according to size and style of cases.  G. A. Vallet.  No. 72 North Front St.

The announcement appeared on May 13, 1859.  Geo. A. Vallet is decidedly one of the best Photographist that we know of.  A visit to his picture rooms, 72 North-Front street, will convince a judge of the fine arts of what we say.  Mr. Vallet has recently taken some likenesses of our distinguished citizens in the very best and most lifelike manner.  He takes an old fashioned daguerreotype in all the beauty and clearness ever performed by the crack artists; his ambrotypes are exquisite, but his photographs on paper are in fact superabundantly excellent.  If you don’t believe all this go and see.

The eighth advertisement ran from September 16, to December 29, 1859.  Something New At Vallet’s Gallery, 72 North Front St.  Griswold’s Patent Ferotype Pictures, Which far excel all others now taken are warranted to stand all kinds of climate and weather.  They are only seen to be admired.  Call and see, and you will soon be satisfied that they are just what you want.  Geo. A. Vallet.  Kingston, Sept. 10, 1859.

The ninth advertisement ran from November 3 to December 29, 1859.  One Dollar Photographs, One Dollar Photographs, One Dollar Photographs,

Fifty Cent Ambrotypes, Fifty Cent Ambrotypes, Fifty Cent Ambrotypes,

At Vallet’s First Premium Picture Gallery, 72 North Front St., Kingston, N. Y.

George A. Vallet is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Kingston, New York in 1858-1859.

Mr. Sheldon

1858                Address Unknown, Kingston, New York.

Mr. Sheldon was recorded in one announcement on December 9, 1858 in Tri-State Union (Port Jervis, New York).  An Ingenious Swindle.—A few days since, Mr. Sheldon, a photographic artist of Kingston, was rather cleverly swindled.  A young man presented himself at the rooms and asked to have his portrait taken.  Pending the arrangements, he suggested the propriety of his noble person being decorated with a gold chain.  Having none of his own he made bold enough to ask the loan of one from Mr. Sheldon, who readily granted the favor.  The likeness was taken, the plate was removed from the instrument, and taken to the chamber, where certain processes are performed to develop the picture, occupying a minute or two.  Mr. Sheldon returned to the sitting room, with the full expectation of gladdening the eyes of his customer with a veritable similitude of himself, but was struck with astonishment to discover that the “substance had vanished while the shadow remained.”

Mr. Sheldon in not recorded as being active in Kingston, New York in 1858.

Levi Roosa

1858                3 Wall Street, Kingston, New York.

Levi Roosa was recorded in one advertisement that ran from October 8 to 29, 1858 in The People’s Press (Kingston, New York).  Ambrotype Gallery.  No. 3 Wall Street, Kingston.  L. Roosa is now taking perfect life-like ambrotypes at his rooms, No. 3 wall st.  Pictures in cases of all sizes and at very low prices.  Pictures taken in cloudy as well as clear weather, and perfect satisfaction given in all cases.

Hours for operating from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M..

Don’t forget the place, No. 3 Wall st, one door south of Bragg & Janson’s.  L. Roosa.  Kingston, Sept. 9, 1858.

Levi Roosa was recorded as a daguerreian in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry in 1859 at 3 Wall Street, Kingston, New York.