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Mr. Sheldon

1858                Address Unknown, Kingston, New York.

Mr. Sheldon was recorded in one announcement on December 9, 1858 in Tri-State Union (Port Jervis, New York).  An Ingenious Swindle.—A few days since, Mr. Sheldon, a photographic artist of Kingston, was rather cleverly swindled.  A young man presented himself at the rooms and asked to have his portrait taken.  Pending the arrangements, he suggested the propriety of his noble person being decorated with a gold chain.  Having none of his own he made bold enough to ask the loan of one from Mr. Sheldon, who readily granted the favor.  The likeness was taken, the plate was removed from the instrument, and taken to the chamber, where certain processes are performed to develop the picture, occupying a minute or two.  Mr. Sheldon returned to the sitting room, with the full expectation of gladdening the eyes of his customer with a veritable similitude of himself, but was struck with astonishment to discover that the “substance had vanished while the shadow remained.”

Mr. Sheldon in not recorded as being active in Kingston, New York in 1858.