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Mr. Wilson

1853                Rooms over S. E. Carey’s Store, Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Mr. Wilson appeared in one advertisement in the Holly Springs Gazette (Holly Springs, Mississippi) on February 10, 1853.  A Card.  Mr. Wilson, the Artist, now making a professional tour through the Southern States, will stop a short time in Holly Springs, and may be found at his rooms over S. E. Carey’s store, where he will be happy to receive calls and make portraits in his peculiar style.  Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and see specimens of portraiture.

“Secure the shadow ere the substance fade, of Children you love, and Parents you revere.”  Feb. 3.

Mr. Wilson is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Dr. Watson

1850                Address Unknown, Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Dr. Watson was recorded in one announcement that appeared on June 20, 1850 in the Holly Springs Gazette (Holly Springs, Mississippi).  Life vs. Death!  Man’s superiority over others of animals is apparent, from the influence his mind is capable of exerting upon generations which succeed him.  Not less surprising is it, perhaps, that by means of Chemical action upon polished metal, in the production of a Daguerreotype, he is enabled to transmit his good looks, physical appearance, and even a “fac simile” of his own happy and intellectual countenance, to his posterity for generations to come.

Dr. Watson has gone North to procure a Daguerrean apparatus, and a fine stock of materials For taking Pictures.  He will return to Holly Springs in a fortnight, and open a Gallery at the Daguerrean Room adjoining the Gazette office, where he will be prepared to take the very best pictures, in the most neat, elegant and fancy style.  He will obligate himself to give entire satisfaction to those who are pleased with their own faces, or charge nothing for sitting.  This is a favorable opportunity for those who have not had their pictures taken, to do so , while the bloom of health is on the cheek, and the high hopes and bright anticipations animate and enliven the countenance—seize the shadow, e’re the substance fade, wither and die.

This subject should engage the attention of every reflecting mind.  No person can tell, when he may be called upon to “vamos the ranche,” and he should have his picture, as when blooming in health, to leave with those who lie near his heart, and around whom the best affections of that heart are entwined.

Those wishing fine pictures, neatly executed, we think would do well to call at the Young Bachelor’s Daguerrean Gallery.  Holly Springs, June 6, 1850

Dr. Watson is not recorded in other photographic directories.

John C. Stinson

1856                Rooms Over Farrell & Mason’s, Holly Springs, Mississippi.

John C. Stinson is recorded in one advertisement that appeared on September 18, 1856 in The Mississippi Times (Holly Springs, Mississippi.).  September 18, 1856.  John C. Stinson, Resident Daguerrean Artist, Up Stairs, over Farrell & Mason’s Holly Springs, Miss.

Visitors invited to call, whether they wish Daguerreotypes or not.  He will endeavor to please.

John C. Stinson is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Mississippi.

Mr. Russell

1844                Rooms over the Northern Bank, Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Mr. Russell was recorded in one announcement in The Guard (Holly Springs, Mississippi) on June 12, 1844.  “Photographic Miniatures.”—All those who desire their likenesses taken, would do well to call on Mr. Russell, who is now on a visit to our town, he can be found at the Rooms over the Northern Bank.  His likenesses, if they do not speak for themselves, they at least look well.

Mr. Russell is not listed in other photographic directories.

William L. Perry

1846                            Concert Hall, Holly Springs, Mississippi.

William L. Perry was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The Guard  (Holly Springs, Mississippi).  The announcement appeared on July 3, 1846.  Miniatures.—All who wish to obtain a correct likeness of themselves or family, would do well to call on Mr. Perry, at Concert Hall, as it will probably be the last opportunity they may ever have of obtaining a true picture of ‘the human face divine.’  His miniatures are excellent, and prices very moderate.  See advertisement in today’s paper.

The advertisement ran from July 3 to 15, 1846Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Mr. Wm. L. Perry, announces to the ladies and gentlemen of Holly Springs and vicinity, that he has opened a Daguerrean Gallery at Concert Hall, where he will be happy to trace the “face divine,” in a style natural and graceful, and upon terms that will satisfy the most economical.  The public are invited to call and examine specimens.

William L. Perry is not recorded in other photographic directories.

John E, Hulbert

1855-1856       26 Camp Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.                                                                        N. D.                   Address Unknown, Holly Springs, Mississippi.                                                                1855                   Address Unknown, Ripley, Mississippi.

John E. Hulbert was recorded in two announcements and three advertisements.  The first announcement appeared on March 10, 1855 in the Southern Sentinel (Plaquemine, Louisiana).  Hulbert & Co.’s. Daguerreotypes.  The card of this firm will be seen in another column.  Their Daguerreotypes are of the finest description, which all may know who visit their elegant rooms on the corner of Camp and Common Streets, New Orleans.

The first advertisement ran from March 10, 1856 to April 5, 1856 in the Southern Sentinel (Plaquemine, Louisiana).  J. E. Hulbert & Co., Daguerreotypist.  26 Camp Street—Corner of Common.  New Orleans.

The second announcement appeared on October 18, 1855 in The Ripley Advertiser (Ripley, Mississippi).  Daguerreotypes For One Dollar!  By reference to his car in our advertising columns, it will be seen that Mr. J. E. Hulbert, Daguerreotypist, of New Orleans, will open his Daguerrean Rooms, in Ripley, on the 23d inst.  Those who wish really fine Daguerreotypes, at a trifling cost, had better avail themselves of the opportunity now offered.  We subjoin the following from many no less complimentary notices of the press:

j. e. Hulbert, 26 Camp street, is offering great inducements to all wishing Daguerreotype Likenesses.—The pictures at this establishment are fine specimens of the Art, and clearly shows the proprietor to be master of his Profession.—N. O. Picayune.

We but express the sentiments of this entire community when we say that Mr. Hulbert has given much better satisfaction than any operator who has visited our town.—Holly Springs, Miss., Times.

The second advertisement ran from October 18 to November 1, 1855 in The Ripley Advertiser.  (Ripley, Mississippi).  Daguerreotypes For One Dollar!  The Citizens of Tippah County, are respectfully informed that I will open my Daguerrean Rooms In Ripley, On The 23rd October.  Having a large assortment of the Finest Apparatus and Materials, together with long experience in the art, the public may rely upon receiving likenesses fully Equal if not Superior to any yet executed in the country.  As my stay will be short all are invited to call at once and avail themselves of the opportunity now offered for securing really Fine Daguerreotypes At About Half Price.  All work warranted to please, or no charge.

Persons who have heretofore failed to procure correct likenesses, are especially invited to give me a trial.  My stay in Ripley will not exceed three weeks, because my Daguerrean Gallery in New Orleans will require my presence there by that time at the farthest.           J. E. Hulbert.

The third advertisement ran from July 13 to 27, 1859 in The South-Western.  (Shreveport, Louisiana).  To Artist.  having concluded to change my business as an artist, I offer for sale at New Orleans Prices, my entire stock, consisting of a very fine assortment of all kinds, sizes and qualities of Cases, Chemicals of all kinds, fine glass, white, black and convex, of all sizes.  also two fine Cameras, and in fact everything pertaining to a well regulated Daguerrean Gallery.  The above articles can be seen at Mr. James F. Jones’ store, Texas street.  J. E. Hulbert.

John E. Hulbert is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in New Orleans in 1855-1856, but not in Mississippi.

Mr. Emmons

1842                Rooms over the Northern Bank, Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Mr. Emmons was recorded in an announcement on February 16, 1842 in The Guard (Holly Springs, Mississippi).  Photographic Miniature Likenesses.  Those of our Beaus and Belles, who wish to “see themselves as others see them,” would do well to call on Mr. Emmons, who executes photographic miniatures in fine style, so far as we are capable of judging.—He is pleasantly situated over the National Bank on the west side of the public square, where he may be found, at any time during the day, “ready to hold the mirror up to nature.”  You have only to sit quite for a minute or two, and there you are on the silver plate, ugly or lovely as the case may be.  Laughing girls and talking old ladies are difficult to take.  Call and see.

Mr. Emmons is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Mr. Boswell

Mr. Boswell was listed in an advertisement in the Holly Springs Gazette (Holly Springs, Mississippi) on November 16 & 30, 1849.  Daguerreotyping.  All those wishing fine Miniatures will do well to call at “Boswell’s Daguerrean Gallery” without delay, as Mr. B. expects to be absent for some time after the coming week.  The date on the above advertisement was recorded on November 9, 1849.

An announcement appeared in the Holly Springs Gazette (Holly Springs, Mississippi) on February 10, 1853.  Office of the Gazette, Hernando Street, South Side, in the rear of E. A. Talbot’s Drug Store.  In the building formerly occupied by Boswell’s Daguerrean Gallery, up stairs.

The Record for Mr. Boswell is incomplete because of the amount of newspapers I had access to.  The Holly Springs Gazette a four page weekly newspaper was published between July 28, 1841 to at least February 10, 1853.  In 1841 there were four issues missing, 1842 eight issues were missing, 1843 seven issues were missing, 1844 seventeen issues missing, 1845 thirteen issues missing, 1846 it was a complete run until March 14.  1847 and 1848 there were no issues available.  In 1849 only four issues were available July 13, October 12, and November 16 & 30.  In 1850 only three issues were available January 18, June 20, and November 15.  1851-1852 there were no issues available.  In 1853 only the one newspaper was accessible and appeared on February 10, 1853.  It’s hard to get a picture of the community through the newspapers when so many newspaper issues are missing.

Since the February announcement that the offices of the Gazette were moving into the rooms formerly occupied by Boswell’s Daguerrean Gallery we might assume that Boswell was active in Holly Springs longer then the last date of the advertisement November 30, 1849.  Boswell does not appear in other photographic directories.