Dr. Watson

1850                Address Unknown, Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Dr. Watson was recorded in one announcement that appeared on June 20, 1850 in the Holly Springs Gazette (Holly Springs, Mississippi).  Life vs. Death!  Man’s superiority over others of animals is apparent, from the influence his mind is capable of exerting upon generations which succeed him.  Not less surprising is it, perhaps, that by means of Chemical action upon polished metal, in the production of a Daguerreotype, he is enabled to transmit his good looks, physical appearance, and even a “fac simile” of his own happy and intellectual countenance, to his posterity for generations to come.

Dr. Watson has gone North to procure a Daguerrean apparatus, and a fine stock of materials For taking Pictures.  He will return to Holly Springs in a fortnight, and open a Gallery at the Daguerrean Room adjoining the Gazette office, where he will be prepared to take the very best pictures, in the most neat, elegant and fancy style.  He will obligate himself to give entire satisfaction to those who are pleased with their own faces, or charge nothing for sitting.  This is a favorable opportunity for those who have not had their pictures taken, to do so , while the bloom of health is on the cheek, and the high hopes and bright anticipations animate and enliven the countenance—seize the shadow, e’re the substance fade, wither and die.

This subject should engage the attention of every reflecting mind.  No person can tell, when he may be called upon to “vamos the ranche,” and he should have his picture, as when blooming in health, to leave with those who lie near his heart, and around whom the best affections of that heart are entwined.

Those wishing fine pictures, neatly executed, we think would do well to call at the Young Bachelor’s Daguerrean Gallery.  Holly Springs, June 6, 1850

Dr. Watson is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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