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Mr. Emmons

1842                Rooms over the Northern Bank, Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Mr. Emmons was recorded in an announcement on February 16, 1842 in The Guard (Holly Springs, Mississippi).  Photographic Miniature Likenesses.  Those of our Beaus and Belles, who wish to “see themselves as others see them,” would do well to call on Mr. Emmons, who executes photographic miniatures in fine style, so far as we are capable of judging.—He is pleasantly situated over the National Bank on the west side of the public square, where he may be found, at any time during the day, “ready to hold the mirror up to nature.”  You have only to sit quite for a minute or two, and there you are on the silver plate, ugly or lovely as the case may be.  Laughing girls and talking old ladies are difficult to take.  Call and see.

Mr. Emmons is not recorded in other photographic directories.