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William L. Perry

1846                            Concert Hall, Holly Springs, Mississippi.

William L. Perry was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The Guard  (Holly Springs, Mississippi).  The announcement appeared on July 3, 1846.  Miniatures.—All who wish to obtain a correct likeness of themselves or family, would do well to call on Mr. Perry, at Concert Hall, as it will probably be the last opportunity they may ever have of obtaining a true picture of ‘the human face divine.’  His miniatures are excellent, and prices very moderate.  See advertisement in today’s paper.

The advertisement ran from July 3 to 15, 1846Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Mr. Wm. L. Perry, announces to the ladies and gentlemen of Holly Springs and vicinity, that he has opened a Daguerrean Gallery at Concert Hall, where he will be happy to trace the “face divine,” in a style natural and graceful, and upon terms that will satisfy the most economical.  The public are invited to call and examine specimens.

William L. Perry is not recorded in other photographic directories.