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Charles D. Taber

1855                1 Winter Street, Boston, Massachusetts.[1]

1855                2 Winter Street, Boston, Massachusetts. [1]

1855                Corner of Winter & Washington Streets, Boston, Massachusetts.

1855                245 & 247 Notre Dame Street, Montreal, Canada.

Charles D. Taber, is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Boston, Massachusetts in 1855.  Additional information comes from a  9th plate advertising card, in my collection, ca. 1855.  Taken with the Double Camera.  For 25 Cents.  By Taber & Co.  Successors to Tyler & Co. Cor. Winter & Washington Sts., Boston.  600 Daily.  Beware Of Imitators.

Taber was also recorded in two announcements in the South Boston Gazette & Dorchester Chronicle (Boston, Massachusetts).  The first announcement appeared on March 17, 1855.  We were daguerreotyped a few days since, at the 25 cent rooms of those enterprising Artists Messrs. Taber & Co., at the corner of Winter and Washington streets.  Give them a call, and we think you will be satisfied that they can do it up right.

The second announcement appeared on March 24.  Daguerreotypes.—We take this opportunity to call the attention of our friends to the fact that Tabor & Co., cor. Winter and Washington streets, take the best daguerreotypes for 25 cents of any artist in this city.  If any one doubts this let them call and examine their specimens, and then have their own picture taken, and they’ll doubt no more.  A good miniature for 25 cents! And a medium size for $1.00!  They take hundreds of them every day with the double camera, by which they take two at a time.  We recommend them for cheap daguerreotypes.

Research and published CD by Graham W. Garrett A Biographical Index of Daguerreotypist in Canada 1839-1871.  List C. D. Taber active on June 11, 1855 at 245 & 247 Notre Dame Street, Montreal, L.C.

[1] A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.