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John L. Alcooke

1857-1858       483 Broadway, New York, New York.

John L. Alcooke of the firm Grant & Alcooke (A. G. Grant & John L. Alcooke) were recorded in in an advertisement the New York City Directory and twelve advertisements in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  The advertisement appeared in the 1857-1858 New York City Directory.  Grant & Alcooke’s Improved Skylight Gallery, Photographic and Ambrotype Emporium, On the First Floor, No. 483 Broadway, Adjoining Wallack’s Theatre, New York.

Colored or Plain, Single Or Double, Dense Or Transparent, done instantaneously, and without fail.  Daguerreotypes Renovated and Copied in every style, at the shortest possible notice, and at a moderate price.

The first advertisement appeared on May 7, 1857.  Grant & Alcooke’s First Class Ambrotypes and photographs, 483 Broadway, next door to Wallack’s theatre, first floor.

The second appeared on May 8, 1857.  Grant & Alcooke’s Improved Light, First floor, 483 Broadway.—Photographs colored or plain vitae portraits and ambrotypes, stereoscopic, [transparent] or plain.

The third advertisement ran on May 21 & 22, 1857.  Unequalled are the Ambrotypes and Photographs taken at Grant & Alcooke’s improved light, first floor, 483 Broadway, adjoining Wallack’s theatre.

The fourth appeared on September 9, 1857.  Ambrotypes, Photographs and Vitae Portraits at Grant & Alcooke’s, first floor, 483 Broadway, are all the rage.

The fifth appeared on December 2, 1857.  Ambrotypes and Photographs, Cheap and perfect, taken at Grant & Alcooke’s, 483 Broadway, adjoining Wallack’s theatre.

The sixth appeared on January 3 ,1858.  Ambrotypes, Pielleographs, sic. Melainotypes, photographs and oil portraits, taken at Grant & Alcooke’s gallery, 483 Broadway, every day, until their departure for Europe.

The seventh appeared on January 6, 1858.  Ambrotypes, Heillographs, sic. Photographs and oil portraits, taken at Grant & Alcooke’s gallery, 483 Broadway, daily until their departure for Europe.

The eighth appeared on January 7, 1858.  Ambrotypes, Niellographs, Photographs and oil portraits, taken at Grant & Alcooke’s, 483 Broadway, daily, until their departure for Europe.

The ninth appeared on February 19, 1858.  To Photographic Artists.—For Sale, after March 1st., Grant & Alcooke’s improved Gallery, first floor, 483 Broadway.

The tenth appeared on March 5, 1858.  To Photographers.—For Sale, the Beautiful gallery 483 Broadway, now doing a large business, as Messrs. Grant & Alcooke’s are about leaving for Europe.

The eleventh appeared on April 15, 1858.  Grant & Alcooke’s Ambrotypes and Photographs, Niellographs, to send in letters.  First floor, 483 Broadway.

The twelfth appeared on April 26, 1858.  Niellographs, Niellographs, Niellographs.  Ambrotypes and Photographs by Grant & Alcooke, 483 Broadway.  Last week in America.

John L. Alcooke is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry without a business address.

J. Kinney Rishel

1859                Rooms in the Exchange Block, a few doors above the Hotel, Bloomsburg,                                      Pennsylvania.

J. Kinney Rishel was recorded in one announcement that appeared on August 17, 1859 in The Star of the North (Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania).  Pictures Unparalleled—Our estimable young friend, J. Kinney Rishel, successor of Joseph Huckle, is amply prepared to execute work in his branch in such a manner as to compare favorably with any work done in the cities.  His room is in the Exchange Block, a few doors above the hotel.  His prices are moderate; thus affording all an opportunity of having a likeness taken of him or herself.  His facilities are such as to enable him to execute Ambrotypes, Melainotypes, Niellographs in the best style of the art.  Attend to this matter, friends, while an opportunity is offered you: tomorrow it may be too late!

When death the soul from body once has torn,                                                                                        No artist’s hand can trace the living form.

J. Kinney Rishel is not listed in other photographic directories.