D. W. Grout

1854                Rooms opposite the Ingersoll Block, Pulaski, New York.

1857                Address Unknown, Pulaski, New York.

1859                Address Unknown, Pulaski, New York.                                                                                

D. W. Grout was recorded in Six advertisements and two announcements in The Pulaski Democrat (Pulaski, New York).  The first advertisement was recorded on July 28, 1853.  Plain and Fancy Harness, which he sells on better terms considering quality, than can be bought in the County, also Bridles, Halters, Trunks, Whips, Lashes, Harness and Carriage Trimmings, Saddlers Silk, and all other articles usually kept in this line of business.

Particular attention paid to repairing, cleaning and oiling harnesses.  Please call before purchasing.  D. W. Grout.  Shop next door to Angell& Seeley’s Store.

The first announcement appeared on January 12, 1854.  We learn that Mr. Tucker has bought the stock of Mr. Grout, harness maker, in this village, the latter retiring from the business.

The second advertisement ran from September 28 to December 28, 1854.  Daguerrean Rooms.  The Subscriber would return thanks to the public for the liberal patronage extended to him since engaging n the Daguerrean business in this place, and hopes for a continuance of the same.  He has just returned from below with a large and choice variety of Beautiful Frames. Morocco, Velvet, Union, Silver plated and Paper Mache Cases, and an Improved Large Sized Instrument which together with the facilities his rooms possess in light and apparatus will enable him to conduct the business to the satisfaction of all.

Pictures of all sizes taken and inserted in Lockets, Pins, Rings, Bracelets or any style of Cases.  Old pictures retaken at a slight expense. Likenesses of sick or deceased persons, taken at their residences if desired, at reasonable prices.

Ladies visiting rooms for a picture, if desiring dark drapery should wear black, red, maroon, yellow, Crimson, dark green or brown.  If desiring light drapery, they should wear white, blue, pink, light green or drab.  Good pictures warranted in all cases.

Rooms opposite the Ingersoll Block, Pulaski.  September 21st. 1854.  D. W. Grout.

The third advertisement ran from October 15 to November 19, 1857.  Ambrotypes, Melainotypes & Daguerreotypes.  D. W. Grout, Having re-opened his Rooms and arranged things in taking order, will be found on hand at all times ready to wait on those wishing a first-class picture of themselves, family or friends, in any of the modern styles.

Children’s pictures taken in from 1 to 3 seconds between the hours of 10 A. M.to 2 P. M. only

Old pictures copied and improved.  Ambrotypes of residences or other out-door views made to order.  Always on hand a splendid assortment of cases and frames of every style.  Particular attention called to his gilt and plain frames for wall pictures. 

N. B.—20 per cent discount to parties or families of 5 or over.  Those desiring rich dark drapery should avoid in dress an excess of white, pink or light blue.

Rooms openfrom8 A. M.to 5 P.M. and pictures made at all times without regard to weather. 

Satisfaction given in all cases and charges reasonable.  D. W. Grout.

The fourth advertisement ran from January 6 to February 17, 1859.  “Not for a day, but for all time.”  Do you know you can get one of Gout’s superb double glass pictures for 4 shillings at the same price you pay for a worthless imitation?

Having just returned from New York with an assortment of cases comprising over one hundred different styles, sizes and patterns, varying in prices , with pictures, from four shilling to $5.

I would solicit a continuation of the patronage heretofore so liberally bestowed, feeling confident that I can suit the most fastidious, bout in pictures and settings. 

N.B.  Operators supplied with stock of all kinds.  D. W. Grout.  Pulaski, Oct. 14, 1858.

The fifth advertisement ran from January 6 to December 28, 1859.  D. W. Grout, Daguerrean Artists, Pulaski, N. Y.  Lockets, Cases, Frames, &c. of all styles, always on hand. Pictures unsurpassed.

The sixth advertisement ran from March 10 to December 29, 1859.  Pictures!  Pictures! The Subscriber has just received an addition to his stock, which comprises all the Latest Styles Of Cases, and everything pertaining to the Picture trade. By keeping posted in all the improvements in the art, I am enabled to give my patrons the benefit of any Real Improvements that may be made, having three different sizes of Quick Working Cameras.

Perfect Pictures in every known Style, Variety, and Size can be made on short notice, and with a beauty of tone and sharpness of outline unsurpassed.

N. B.  The subscriber does not propose to e undersold by anything in this vicinity.

Artists materials and stock of all kinds at New York prices.

For sale, a daguerrean Car—will be sold for half its value. D. W. Grout.

The second announcement appeared on April 28, 1859.  New Office.—We understand that Chas. H. Cross, Esq., will immediately commence the erection of a new brick office, on the present site of Grout’s Daguerrean Saloon, which will soon occupy the second story of the new structure.

D. W. Grout is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a D. W. Gront who was active in Pulaski and Richland, New York in 1859.  They are probably the same person.

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