E. L. Mowry

1856                Rooms in Quiggle & Mayer’s New Building, Water Street, Lock Haven,                                              Pennsylvania.[1]                                                                                                          1857                Rooms in Ammon’s Block, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.                                            1859                Rooms over Joseph M’Fadden’s Hardware Store, Market Street, Lewisburg,                                  Pennsylvania.

E. L. Mowry was listed in two in the Lewisburg Chronicle (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania). The first advertisement ran from April 17 to August 21, 1857. New Photographic Art Gallery In Ammon’s Block, Lewisburg.  Ambrotypes—Melainotypes!  E. L. Mowry, Artist.  Ambrotypes and Melainotypes made in the most beautiful style, of the art.  The Melainotype is a new process, taken on a prepared Sheet Iron Plate, and for brilliancy and vigor of tone is unsurpassed by any other known process.

Step into the Gallery, examine specimens, and judge for yourselves.  Prices to suit the times—satisfaction guaranteed.  Room in Ammons’s Block, second story, over Ammons’ Store.

The second advertisement ran from April 22 to 29, 1859.  Mowry’s Sky-Light Gallery, Over Jos. M’Fadden’s Hardware Store, formerly Houghton’s Shoe Store, market Street, Lewisburg, Pa.

Ambrotypes, melainotypes, &c., in the usual superior style.  In addition to these pictures, I am now prepared to take Photographs, large or small, equal to the best made anywhere.  Also Hallotypes.  These pictures are colored to represent life, and are superior to any oil painting, giving that fidelity of expression and features that can be produced only by the Camera.  These pictures are patented, and I have the exclusive right for Union county.  Call and examine specimens.

E. L. Mowry is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry for 1856 in the partnership of            Mowrey & Bergstresser.

[1] Information from Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

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