Munsell & McNaught

1848                Norris’s Building, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Munsell & McNaught were recorded in an announcement that appeared on December 16, 1848 in the Indiana State Sentinel (Indianapolis, Indiana).  Daguerreotype Likenesses.—A rare opportunity is now offered to those who desire to obtain correct likenesses by the daguerreotype process.

First in the list of operators at present in this city, are our friends Munsell & McNaught.  As a scientific chemist, Dr. Munsell has few superiors any where, and as a practical operator in photographic miniatures, large and small, McNaught has no superior in this country.  We use this expression deliberately, and trial will prove its truth.  We visited “Plumbe’s Daguerrean Gallery,” and various other similar rooms, on a late journey to the east, and among the hundreds of specimens which we saw, we did not see one superior, if indeed any equal, to those which can be exhibited by Mr. McNaught.  We therefore feel it due to unpretending but real merit, to recommend our friends to call at the rooms of the gentlemen her indicated, and see for themselves; and we urge them to do so immediately, as we understand that one of them (Mr. McN.) will soon leave town.  It is a common error that one man can make these pictures as well as another; but this is a very great mistake.  To make good ones, requires much practical knowledge, and some good taste; and these qualities are united in these gentlemen to an eminent degree.  Let our friends at once call at the office of Dr. Munsell, in Norris’s building, and see for themselves.

Secondly: we have an artist in the person of Mr. Foster, room opposite Temperance Hall, who has been but a few days in the city.  He exhibits some excellent specimens, and promises to give satisfaction to all who may call his services into requisition.  We have no doubt of his ability to redeem all the promises he may make, and we mean to try his skill in a day or two, upon our handsome phiz.

Munsell & McNaught are not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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