Gustave A. Moses

1856                Address Unknown, New Orleans, Louisiana.                                                                1856                Rooms at Thespian Hall, Clinton, Louisiana.                                                            1856                White’s Hotel, Clinton, Louisiana.                                                                                  1856                Union Hotel, Clinton, Louisiana.                                                                                  1856                Address Unknown, Woodville, Louisiana.

Gustave A. Moses was recorded in two advertisements and four announcements in The Feliciana Democrat (Clinton, Louisiana).  The first advertisement ran from July 26 to October 18, 1856.

Daguerreotypes!  Ambrotypes And Photographs.  G. Moses, direct from the City of New Orleans, would inform the public, and the citizens of Clinton, that he is prepared to take In A Superior Manner, Pictures by either of the above named processes.

Rooms, At Thespian Hall.  Pictures warranted, and never delivered until satisfactory.  Those wishing pictures must apply at once, as his stay in this place will be of short duration.

The first announcement appeared on August 2, 1856.  We have seen some specimens of Mr. Moses’ Daguerreotyping and Ambrotyping.  They evince his capacity as an artist.  Those desiring pictures can find him at White’s Hotel.  See Advertisement.

The second announcement appeared on August 16, 1856.  Positively The Last Week.—Persons desirous of procuring Daguerrean, Ambrotype, or Photograph Likenesses, from B. Moses, must call during the coming week, as it is positively the last that he can remain in Clinton.

The third announcement appeared on September 20, 1856.  G. Moses has returned from New Orleans with a large supply of cases and frames of all kinds, and can be found at his room at the Union Hotel, where he is prepared to serve all who may favor him with their patronage.  By a new improvement he is enabled to take ambrotype pictures in lockets, breast-pins, ladies’ fans, gents’ hat, &c.  No one desirous of obtaining a fine picture, should neglect the present opportunity, but call at once.

The fourth announcement appeared on October 18, 1856.  The Last Chance.—To-day and Monday are the last days that G. Moses will remain in Clinton, as he leaves for Woodville.  The superior Ambrotypes that this gentleman has taken here, fully justifies us in recommending him to the citizens of that place.  He will there have the assistance of his brother, also a skillful operator.

The second advertisement ran from October 25, 1856 to February 7, 1857.   Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, And Photographs.  G. Rosenberger having received instructions from G. Moses, and having experience in the art of taking Daguerreotypes, will be ready by the first of the coming month, to take likenesses by any of the above named processes.

Gustave A. Moses is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in New Orleans.

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