J. H. Minnich

1857                Gallery in the Nemaha Valley Banking House, Brownville, Nebraska.                  1858                Main Street next to the Bank Building, Brownville, Nebraska.

J. H. Minnich was recorded in three advertisements and one announcement in the Nebraska Advertiser (Brownville, Nemaha County, N. T. [Nebraska]). The first advertisement appeared on November 26, 1857. Daguerrean’s Notice. The undersigned would respectfully announce to the citizens of Brownville and vicinity that he has opened a Daguerrean Gallery in the Nemaha Valley Banking House, and is now taking miniatures equal if not superior to any in the West, without any regard to weather.

Each and every picture warranted to stand in any country or climate.  Lockets and Pins filled in the best, workman like manner.  J. H. Minnich.

The second advertisement ran from December 3 to 31, 1847.  Ambrotype Notice.  J. H. Minnich respectfully invites Ladies and Gentlemen to call at his Ambrotype Gallery, where specimen pictures can be seen of the first quality, and where you can have a miniature taken that cannot be surpassed in beauty and durability, and which will be warranted not to change in any country or climate.  Children can be taken of fair days in from two to five seconds.

Please give me a call, I’ll try to accommodate all.  Lockets and Breastpins Filled.  Office in Nemaha Valley Banking House.

The third advertisement and the announcement were recorded in yesterday’s blog “Minnich & Akin”.

J. H. Minnich is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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