Minnich & Akin

1858                Main Street next to the Bank Building, Brownville, Nebraska.

Minnich & Akin (J. H. Minnich) were recorded in an advertisement and announcement in the Nebraska Advertiser (Brownville, Nemaha County, N. T. [Nebraska]).  The advertisement ran from May 6 to 20, 1858.  Ambrotypes.  The undersigned having entered into a co-partnership and built a sky-light (side light connected) Daguerrean Gallery on corner of Main and First streets in the city of Brownville, would respectfully announce to the public that we are now prepared to take pictures with all the beauties of the art, and at reduced prices.  Pictures inserted in lockets, pins, &c., in the neatest style.  Being experienced artist, we have no doubt that all who want good pictures can be pleased.  Call and see.  Minnich & Akin.

The announcement appeared on May 13, 1858.  Daguerreotype Gallery.  Among other neglected local notices, we have failed before to speak of the erection of a sky-light Daguerrean building, expressly for that purpose.  Messrs. Akin & Minnich have fitted up a neat room on Main street, next to the Bank building, and are now taking as fine ambrotype pictures as can be secured anywhere.  They are both permanent residents, and having evinced such enterprize we hope they will be liberally patronized.

Minnich & Akin are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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