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McFarland & Bond

1859                Main Street, Next to the Bank Building, Brownville, Nebraska.

McFarland & Bond were recorded in two announcements in the Nebraska Advertiser (Brownville, Nemaha County, N. T. [Nebraska]). The first announcement appeared on June 2, 1859.  Daguerrean Gallery.  We see new daguerreian operators are refitting the room erected specially for that purpose next to the Bank Building, and will in a few days be prepared to “secure the shadow ere the substance fades.”  McFarland & Bond are the names of the artist, of whom we may again speak.

The second announcement appeared on June 9, 1859.  McFarland & Bond are now taking No. 1 Ambrotype pictures at the Daguerreian rooms on Main street.  We notice a picture of an emigrant train, taken just as it came into the foot of Main street, that was most excellent.  Patronize them.

McFarland & Bond are not recorded in other photographic directories.