S. O. Minor

1849                            Baird’s Hotel, Bowling Green, Missouri.                                                            1850-1851                 Shaw’s Boarding House, Louisiana, Missouri.

S. O. Minor was recorded in two announcements and one advertisement in the Democratic Banner (Bowling Green, Pike County, Missouri). The first announcement appeared on November 12, 1849. Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Readers, have you a friends, a relative, or perchance-a-a-lover, with whom you would leave a memento or friendship’s offering, if so, call at the rooms of Mr. S. O. Minor at Baird’s Hotel, during the present week, and “Let Nature copy that which Nature made,” your ug-pretty face.  We have examined some specimens of Mr. Minor’s skill, and believe them to be equal to those taken in the largest cities, and know them to be cheaper.

The second announcement appeared on December 9, 1850.  Attention is directed to the card of S. O. Minor, Daguerrean Artist, to be found in this paper.  Mr. Minor is well skilled in his business, and having located in our city for the winter, a fine opportunity is presented to those who wish correct and lasting pictures.  His rooms are at Shaw’s Boarding House.  Don’t fail to call and see him.

The advertisement ran from December 9, 1850 to February 3, 1851.  S. O. Minor, Daguerreotype Artist.  Louisiana, Mo.  Having located himself for the winter, would respectfully call the attention of the Ladies and Gentlemen of Louisiana and vicinity, to his line of business.

Hours from 9 to 3 o’clock.  Instruction and Apparatus furnished on reasonable terms, to any who may wish to follow the business.

S. O. Minor is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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