George W. Manly

1855-1858                   Carey’s Block, Main Street, Salem, Ohio.                                                      1858-1859                   Schillings’ Block, Main Street, Salem, Ohio.

George W. Manly was recorded in four advertisements and three announcements in the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio).  The first advertisement ran from June 23, 1855 to March 22, 1856.  Geo. W. Manly, Daguerreian Artist!  Carey’s Block, Main Street, Salem, Ohio.

The second advertisement ran from March 29, 1856 to February 6, 1858.  Geo. W. Manly, Ambrotype And Daguerrian Artist!  Carey’s Block, Main Street, Salem, Ohio.

The first announcement appeared on  August 22, 1857.  Photograph Oil Pictures.—Manly at his Daguerreian and Photograph rooms immediately under the Bugle office, gets up pictures in the best style of the art, and is ever ready to give his patrons the benefit of all valuable improvements in his business.  The most recent and beautiful of these is that of transferring photographs to paper in oil, giving them the appearance and it is said, the durability of oil paintings.  The pictures are really magnificent, and we recommend our friends who have occasion for the services of an artist to call on Mr. Manly before sitting elsewhere.  One advantage of these pictures is, that being on card board, they can be sent by mail, if desired, with only the ordinary expense of letter postage.  They can also be afforded at reduced prices.

The third advertisement ran from January 2, 1858 to May 14, 1859.  Geo. W. Manly, Ambrotype And Daguerrian Artist!  Schillings’ Block, Main Street, Salem, Ohio.

The second announcement appeared on  February 12, 1859.  G, W. Manley, so long and so favorably known in Salem as an accomplished artist, is about to open rooms in Akron, (though his numerous patrons will rejoice to learn he is not to close those he now occupies.)  We have pleasure in recommending Mr. Manly to our readers in Summit county, as a prompt and attentive business man, and skilful in his profession.  Those who patronize him may rely upon having good pictures in good style, either ambrotypes, or photographs.

The fourth advertisement ran from May 29, 1859 to December 31, 1859.  George W. Manly, Ambrotype And Photograph Artist!  Schillings’ Block, Main Street, Salem, Ohio.

The third announcement appeared on  December 17, 1859.  Likeness of John Brown.—Manley, of this place, has a photograph likeness of John Brown, which he sells at 50 cts.  We are unable to speak of its accuracy from personal knowledge, but the artist assures us it is a good likeness.

George W. Manly is listed in other photographic directories as being active in Akron and Salem, Ohio (1859-1860).  This is possibly the same Manly who was active in Salem in the firm of Manly & Carpenter (1853-1855).

1 thought on “George W. Manly

  1. Thank you for sharing this. George W. Manley was my great-great-great-grandmother Emeline (Manley) Washburn’s younger brother. Several of the earliest family photos we have appear on cardstock with his studio markings.


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