Manly & Carpenter

1853-1855       Rooms in the American House, Salem, Ohio.

Manly & Carpenter were recorded in one advertisement that ran from June 4, 1853 to June 23, 1855 in the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio). Manly & Carpenter’s Premium Daguerrean Gallery!  Is now completed, and ready for reception.—We have gone to considerable expense in fitting up, to operate with advantage, and with reference to the comfort and convenience of those who may favor us with a call; in short, we are permanently located.  Our rooms are in the American House, Salem, O.  Call and see us.  You will find our reception room neat and comfortable.

Our Sky-Light Can be surpassed no where in the State.  Our Camera, is a powerful quick worker.  We warrant our work.  Likenesses of all ages, taken life-like, or no charge!!  Our prices range from 40 cents, to 20 dollars.  Past experience, and present advantages, enabled us to take Good Likenesses, at very reasonable Rates.  Being, also, posted in all the recent improvements of the art, and our time and entire attention shall be to render full satisfaction.  Sick or deceased persons taken at their rooms.  Our motto, is Excelsior.

N. B. Persons wishing Pictures taken on Galvanized Plates, can do so without extra charge.  Rooms open from 6 o’clock, A. M., until 6 P. M.

Manly & Carpenter are not listed in other photographic directories as being active in Salem, Ohio in 1853 to 1855.   This is possibly George W. Manly who was active in Salem, Ohio from 1855-1859.

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