M. W. Fitch

1855-1860       Address Unknown, Freemont, Ohio.[1]                                                                      1856-1859       Rooms in Nims’ Block, Fremont, Ohio.                                                                                  1859                   Rooms Over the Bank of Fremont, corner of Front and Croghan Streets,                                         Fremont, Ohio.

M. W. Fitch was recorded in three announcements and two advertisements. The first announcement appeared on October 24, 1856 in the Fremont Journal (Fremont, Ohio). Ambrotypes and Painting.  Mr. A. D. Wiles, has sold his stock, fixtures, &c. in the ambrotype business, and removed from the place.  His successor, Mr. Fitch, will continue to occupy the same rooms.  Mr. F., is also a very fine painter; and those of our citizens who wish can have the opportunity of sitting for their portraits.  Call at his rooms.

The first advertisement ran from October 31, 1856 to March 11, 1859 in the Fremont Journal.  (Fremont, Ohio).  Fitch’s Gallery of Art.  Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes and Photographs taken in superior style.  Also, Portraits painted Life Size, either from the sitter, or from Daguerreotypes, and satisfaction warranted in all cases.

I have lately purchased the stock, fixtures, &c., belonging to the A. D. Wiles’ room, in Nims’ block, and shall continue the business at the same place, where I shall be happy to attend to those who favor me with a call.  Instruction given in Ambrotyping, also in Portrait and landscape painting.  M. W. Fitch.  Fremont. Oct. 31, 1856.

The second announcement appeared on October 8, 1858 in the Fremont Journal (Fremont, Ohio).  Sandusky County Fair.  This annual exhibition which came off on the Agricultural Society’s grounds in Fremont…Painting, Printing, &c., No. 31.

5.  Ambrotypes…M. W. Fitch.                                                                                                                                6.  Oil Painting….M. W. Fitch.

The announcement appeared on October 15, 1858 in the Fremont Journal (Fremont, Ohio).  Sandusky County Fair, 1858.  Premiums Awarded…No. 31—Painting and Printing….

M. W. Fitch, Ambrotypes…Diploma.                                                                                                              M. W. Fitch, Oil Painting….Diploma.

The second advertisement ran from March 18 to December 30, 1859.  In the Fremont Journal (Fremont, Ohio).  Ambrotypes.    M. W. Fitch, takes pleasure in saying to his numerous patrons and friends, that he is still Making Pictures in the Best Style, and on as reasonable terms as any artist in town.  He has Lately added a large Camera, to his apparatus capable of taking ambrotypes direct from the sitter.  Oil paintings made from daguerreotypes or from life and warranted satisfactory.  Instructions given in the business. Rooms—Over the Bank of Fremont, corner of Front and Croghan Streets.  M. W. Fitch.   Fremont, March 18, 1859.

M. W. Fitch was recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Fremont, Ohio for 1859-1860.

[1] Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 by Diane VanSkiver Gagel.

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