Julius Brille

1854                156 Bowery, New York, New York.                                                                                  1855-1856       204 Chatham Street, New York, New York.

Julius Brille was listed in two advertisements in the New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York.) the first on July 12, 1854, which has previously been posted.  But sets an activity date and address        for when he was at 156 Bowery.  Arrest Of Daguerreotype Artists.—The following named persons were yesterday arrested on complaint of Thos. S. Jube of No. 83 Bowery, who charges them with practicing their business on Sundays, contrary to law:  Mr. Reeves, corner of Grand-st. and Bowery; Mrs. Baulch, No. 113 Bowery; Mr. Brille, No. 156 Bowery; Mr. Barkelow, No. 132 Bowery; Mr. Reed, No. 98 Bowery; Mr. Weston, No. 132 Chatham-st.  They were taken to the Second District Police Court and held for examination.

The second advertisement appeared on December 22, 1855 in the New York Daily Tribune.  Handsome Ladies!—Pictures Taken Gratis!—The time fixed for the opening of Barnum’s Gallery Of Beauty has been extended for a short period $20,000 will be expended in Premiums to the 100 handsomest Ladies and for painting their portraits.  Highest prize $1,000.  For particulars see circulars at the Museum.  Daguerreotypes for this Gallery will be taken free of all expense to the sitter, if application be made to them immediately, by all the principal artists in the United States, including the following superior Daguerreotypist in the City of New York.

J. Gurney, No. 489 Broadway; M. M. Lawrence, No. 831 Broadway; S. Root, No. 363 Broadway;  Meade Brothers, No. 233 Broadway; R. Anson, No. 589 Broadway; Beckers & Piard, No. 264 Broadway; M. H. Kimball, No. 407 Broadway; J. W. Thompson, No. 315 Broadway, and 182 Fulton-st, Brooklyn; M. Kerston, No. 421 Broadway, cor. of canal; P. Welling, Cor. of Bleecker and Carmine-sts; P. G. Clark, No. 156 Bowery; Jullus Brill, No. 204 Chatham-st; R. A. Lewis, No. 142 Chatham Square.

The third entry is from the Photographic and fine Arts Journal (New York, New York.)  January 1, 1856.  In an article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number One, New York. The author visited 69 Galleries in New York City.  J. Brill’s, Chatham street — The daguerreotypes are very good; the photographs are not in the highest perfection, some however excel.

Brille is known Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list him Julius Brill (spelling variant.)  I have included the third entry from the Photographic and fine Arts Journal because it gives a contemporary assessment of his work.  As I work through other New York City Newspapers I hope to add to Brille’s Record.

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