John DeWitt Brinkerhoff

1851-1852       383 Broadway, New York, New York.

John DeWitt Brinkerhoff was recorded twice in the New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York.) The first was on October 29, 1851 where he is mentioned as being awarded at the American Institute.  Twenty-Fourth Annual Fair of the American Institute—Official Declaration of Premiums.  Daguerreotypes.

M. A. & S. Root, No. 363 Broadway, best Daguerreotypes—Gold Medal.                                            J. Gurney, No. 159 Broadway, 2d best Daguerreotypes,—Silver Medal.                                           J. D. W. Brinkerhoff, No. 383 Broadway, for Still Life Daguerreotype Views—Silver Medal.    S. A. Holmes, No. 289 Broadway, Still Life Daguerreotype Views.—Silver Medal.             Joseph Atkins, No. 219 Fulton-st., Brooklyn, Cameo Daguerreotype—Silver Medal.                  H. E. Insley, No 311 Broadway, Illuminated Daguerreotypes—Silver Medal.                        Krochls & Vetters, No. 499 Broadway, Photypes—Silver Medal.                                                     Mrs. Bertha Wehnert, No. 385 Broadway, Phototypes.—Silver Medal.                                            C. C. Harrison, No. 85 Duane st., Daguerreotype Cameras.—Gold Medal.

The second entry is from the Annual Report of the American Institute of the city of New York.  Premiums Awarded by the managers of the 26th Annual Fair of the American Institute Oct. 1852….Manufacturing and Mechanical Department…Daguerreotypes

J. Gurney, 189 & 349 Broadway for best daguerreotypes……………Gold medal                Meade & Brothers, 233 Broadway, 2d best daguerreotypes…………Silver medal    Brinkerhoff & Co., 383 Broadway, 3d best daguerreotypes…………Diploma                        Samuel Root, 233 Broadway for imitation crayon daguerreotypes….Silver medal                   S. A. Holmes, 289 Broadway, for excellent daguerreotype views……Diploma                           C. C. Harrison, 86 Duane-Street, for Camera Instrument……………..Gold medal, Having before Award, Diploma.

John DeWitt Brinkerhoff is known and is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.  I have included the entries because this is new information of awards won at the American Institute.

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