Henry L. Bridge

1854    Rooms in the Store Room formerly occupied by Isaac Smith, Curwensville,        Pennsylvania.

Henry L. Bridge was listed in an announcement and advertisement on August 23, 1854 in the Raftsman’s Journal (Clearfield, Pennsylvania.)  Business Items:  Our friend Bridge, who is a cleaver fellow and deserving of patronage, has opened a Daguerrean Gallery, at Curwensville.  He takes beautiful pictures, and we have no doubt those of our readers who give him a call, will receive entire satisfaction.

The advertisement ran from August 23 to September 20, 1854.  Daguerreotype Gallery, At Curwensville.—The undersigned, would inform the public that he has opened a Daguerrean Room, in the Store Room, formerly occupied by Isaac Smith, in Curwensville, where he will take some of the best, cheapest, and most life-like pictures, that can be obtained in the country.  H. L. Bridge.

Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list a Henry Bridge as a daguerreian in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania from 1854-1860, and later was also reported to work in Pine Grove and Clearfield, Pennsylvania.  John’s only reference to his entry was the city directories provided to him on microfiche by the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Massachusetts. In all probability this is the same individual.  One could hypothesize that since Bridge shows up in the city directories in Bellefonte that this was his home base.  He probably was only listed in the residence section as a daguerreian without a business address, since John did not include an address in the entry.  In looking at a map of the area it is possible that Bridge made a circuit going from town to town.

The above is speculation on my part.  This is the only entry I have for Henry L. Bridge from the Raftsman’s Journal or any other newspapers in the area.  But, together with John’s work a pattern begins to emerge.  Further research might help to get a clearer picture of his activities.

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