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Luther M. Brooks

1858                Stewart’s Block, over Chapman & Barrour’s, Middlebury, Vermont.

Luther M. Brooks is recorded in an advertisement that ran from April 28 to June 9, 1858 and appeared in The Middlebury Register (Middlebury, Vermont.)  Superior Ambrotypes!  A Good Sky-Light, And an Operator that knows how to use it.  A Genuine Ambrotype, Including Case, Only 50 CTS.

Luther M. Brooks announces to the public that he has reopened the Ambrotype Rooms in Stewart’s Block.  These Rooms have recently undergone repairs, and are fitted up in a neat and tasty manner.  He has engaged the services of the celebrated Ambrotypist, William H. Rablen, who guarantees to make pictures as good as can be produced by the process.

Pictures set in Lockets, Pins, Bracelets, &c.  If you want a first-rate Picture, call and have it done by Rablen, at Brooks’ Sky and Side Light Gallery, Stewart’s Block, over Chapman & Barrour’s.

Luther M. Brooks is not recorded in other photographic directories.  John Craig list a William Rablin in Troy, New York from 1854-1857, in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.  It is unknown if they are the same person.