William H. Rablen

C.1842-1854   Address and Location Unknown, New York.                                                                  1854-1855       4 Franklin Square, Troy, New York.[1]                                                                          1856                   Address Unknown, Union Village, New York.                                                                1857-1858        Rooms in Stewart’s Block, Middlebury, Vermont.

William H. Rablen was recorded in two announcements and seven advertisements.  The first announcement he was mentioned, appeared on  July 1, 1855 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  New and Beautiful Discovery.—The Public are invited to call and see some specimens of daguerreotypes, with an improvement discovered by Mr. W. H. Rablen of Troy, formerly one of our artists, by which the most beautiful effects are projected.  Meade Brothers, 233 Broadway, four doors above the Astor House.

The second announcement he was mentioned, appeared on  September 18, 1856 in the Washington County People’s Journal (Union Village, New York.)  Ambrotypes.—Our readers will perceive by the advertisement of Mr. Morse, that they have now an opportunity of procuring the new and beautiful style of picture called the Ambrotype.  The Ambrotype is generally adjusted superior to the daguerreotype.  Mr. M. and his associate, Mr. Rablen, are skilful operators; they have a good instrument, and keep on hand an excellent assortment of cases.  We have seen several pictures executed by them, which for richness of tone, beauty of finish and accuracy in delineating the human face divine, cannot well be surpassed, either in city or country.  Give them a call.

The first advertisement ran from September 18 to November 27, 1856 in the Washington County People’s Journal (Union Village, New York).  Ambrotypes.  George Morse, would respectfully announce to the citizens of Washington County and vicinity that he is now located for a few weeks at Union-Village for the purpose of making Ambrotypes.

He has engaged the services of Mr. W. H. Rablen, of Troy, who for the past 14 years has been engaged in Daguerreotyping in the principal cities in this State, and therefore has had an excellent opportunity of engaging in all new styles of Pictures as they have made their appearance.  Being among the first who launched into the Glass process and for the last 18 months practicing that branch alone, he confidently asserts that he will produce as good a Picture as can be produced by the Ambrotype process; for proof, bring along one of your best Ambrotypes and let him have a “shot at you.”

An Ambrotype is taken on Plate Glass, then hermetically sealed between two glasses, so that it cannot be effected by either air or water.

Mr. Morse returns his sincere thanks for the patronage that he has already met with.  Geo. Morse.

The following six advertisements appeared in The Middlebury Register (Middlebury, Vermont).  The second advertisement ran from March 11 to 25, 1857.  Improved Ambrotypes.  There is nothing prettier to present to a friend than a “fac simile” of yourself, when you can procure one executed in a scientific manner.  Since the introduction of the Daguerreotyping in America improvements have continually been made by our enterprising countrymen.  One of the latest of these improvements the subscribers now introduce to the citizens of Middlebury.  By it we make the picture of the subject have the appearance of projecting an eight of an inch from the glass, therefore get a full stereoscopic view without the use of lenses.

For Brilliancy of Tone and Durability of finish these pictures cannot be excelled.  One of the subscribers has had long experience in picture making, having for the last 14 years been engaged in the principal establishments both in this country and Europe.  Every improvement that has made its appearance he has had an excellent opportunity to “launch” directory into, and is  therefore fully competent to execute first class work at whichever branch of the picture business he undertakes.  Ambrotypes made after the most improved style, either on light or dark ground. An Ambrotype when properly finished is hermetically sealed between two glasses, so that they cannot be affected by either air or water.  All of our pictures are hermetically sealed, which process any one desirous of seeing will be shown with cheerfulness.  Ambrotypes set in lockets.

Pictures of sick or deceased persons taken at their residences.  Particular attention paid to copying Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes of Paintings.  All copies we guarantee equal to the original pictures.

Rooms in Stewart’s Block.  All are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens.  Putnam & Rablen.

The third advertisement ran from April 8 to 22, 1857.  If You Want A Superior Ambrotype, —You had better call soon,—As We Remain In Town But a few days longer.  Rablen & Putnam.

The fourth advertisement appeared on July 8, 1857.  To The Music World!  Just received, a large lot of New Sheet Music…Call at the Daguerrean Rooms, in Stewart’s Building.  A, J. Hervey…

The fifth advertisement ran from July 22, 1857 to February 3, 1858.  Ambrotypes.  W. H. Rablen respectfully announces to the public that he has purchased his former Partner’s interest in the concern, and having had a good share of patronage awarded him, (for which he is very thankful) he has concluded to remain at Middlebury for some few months longer.  He has recently made great improvements in his rooms, making them much more convenient for customers, and fitted up in a neat and tasty manner.  Having had a number of applications to take views, I have engaged my brother to assist me, and am now prepared to take views of residences, scenery, horses, cattle, or anything that may be desired.  Specimens of scenery may be seen at the rooms.  Those wishing pictures, by patronizing me, may rest assured that they will get as good a picture as can be made, as I take a great interest in producing good work and allow no one to beat me in any branch of my business which I undertake, (unless in writing advertisements)  Please call and examine specimens.  Rooms in Stewart’s Block.

The sixth advertisement ran from February 3 to September 29, 1858.  Rablen Has introduced another new style of picture called the “Scenic Ambrotype.”  Which for beauty of finish and stereoscopic effect, has never before been equaled in Middlebury.  Please call and examine specimens at the Sky-Light Ambrotype Gallery, Stewart’s Block.

The seventh advertisement ran from April 28 to June 9, 1858.  Superior Ambrotypes!  A Good Sky-Light, And an Operator that knows how to use it.  A Genuine Ambrotype, Including Case, Only 50 CTS.

Luther M. Brooks announces to the public that he has reopened the Ambrotype Rooms in Stewart’s Block.  These Rooms have recently undergone repairs, and are fitted up in a neat and tasty manner.  He has engaged the services of the celebrated Ambrotypist, William H. Rablen, who guarantees to make pictures as good as can be produced by the process.

Pictures set in Lockets, Pins, Bracelets, &c.  If you want a first-rate Picture, call and have it done by Rablen, at Brooks’ Sky and Side Light Gallery, Stewart’s Block, over Chapman & Barrour’s.

William H. Rablen appears in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Troy New York from 1854-1857.

[1] Dates and address from Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

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