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J. Henderson

1859                Mrs. David Sandford house, Northport, New York.

J. Henderson was recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 8, 1859 to November 4, 1859 in The Long Islander (Huntington, New York).  Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes and Photographs.  The subscriber would respectfully announce to the inhabitants of Northport and adjacent villages, etc., that he has opened a Gallery at Northport, in the house of Mrs. David Sandford; where he is prepared to take likenesses in every style of the art, warranted correct, durable and satisfactory.  Pictures of family groups, houses, etc., taken, and finished in all varieties of frames or cases.  N. B.—All kinds of farm produce taken in exchange.  J. Henderson.  Northport, June 8, 1859.

J. Henderson is not recorded in other photographic directories.