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Mrs. Weaver

1853                Town Hall, New Lisbon, Ohio

Mrs. Weaver was recorded in one announcement in the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio) on March 12, 1853.  Mrs. Weaver’s Daguerreotypes.—call at the Town Hall and see them before you sit any where else.  Mrs. W. is just beginning in business, but her pictures give assurance of rare success.

Mrs. Weaver is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Chessman & Wright

1854                Address Unknown, Salem, Ohio

Chessman & Wright were recorded in an advertisement on May 6 and ran until September 2, 1854 in the Anti-Slavery Bugle.  (New-Lisbon, Ohio.)  Daguerreotype Materials, At Wholesale Only.  Artists are informed that we intend to keep a supply of Stock on Hand, and endeavor to promote their interest and ours, by exchanging goods for Cash.                Chessman & Wright.  Salem, April 29, 1854.

The partnership of Chessman & Wright is not recorded in other photographic directories.  With no first names attached to the advertisement it’s difficult to suggest who and where they may also have been active.

James Boone

James Boone was recorded in an advertisement on May 3, 1856 in the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio.)  The advertisement ran from May 3, 1856 to March 28, 1857.  Pictures On Glass.  Our friend James Boone is still taking Ambrotypes, & c., at his old stand, in Johnson & Horner’s building.

He has succeeded in doing away with the dark and smutty appearance often to them by other operators, “Jeems” understands his business.  Call and examine his pictures.

James Boone does not appear in other photographic directories.  By the wording in the advertisement James Boone probably was active prior to May 3, 1856 in New Lisbon, Ohio, but no documentation has been found to date to verify this assumption.  John Craig does list a James H. Boone in 1852 in Marshall, Texas as does David Haynes in Catching Shadows, but there is nothing to suggest that they are the same person.