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Mr. McCarty

1857                  Room in Beaver’s Building, next to the Telegraph office, Lewisburg,                                                  Pennsylvania.                                                                                                                        1857-1858       Rooms above Christ & Caldwell’s Drug Store, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Mr. McCarty was recorded in two advertisements and one announcement in the Lewisburg Chronicle (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania).  The first advertisement ran from February 6 to May 26, 1857.  This Way, Ladies and Gentlemen!  For good, durable, cheap and beautiful Pictures.

Ambrotype Likenesses of a very superior quality on a new and improved  plan, far surpassing the Daguerreotype.  They are not reversed, but show everything in its true position—are without the glare of the Daguerreotype, and hence may be seen in any view; they are taken in one fifth of the time of a Daguerreotype, and therefore better for taking small Children, which require but a second in a bright light, and on dark or rainy days are taken as quick as Daguerreotypes in the clearest days; they are far more durable than any picture ever made by light, being taken on plate glass to which another plate of the same is hermetically sealed with an indestructible cement, by which the picture retains its brilliancy for ages; and it will not corrode by acids, nor injured by weather or climate.

Copies of Daguerreotypes, Oil Paintings, engravings, or any other object whatever, are made by this process finer than by any other known.  Portraits set in elegant frames of morocco, or fancy cases, gold lockets, breast pins, finger rings, &c. &c. at short notice.

Also, Daguerreotypes which for true and faithful life likenesses are not surpassed.  Of either of the above mentioned species of Portraits, the value is undeniable.  They lighten the sorrows of absence or death, by granting us to behold a beloved relative or prized friend almost as distinctly as if present.  Mother!  father!  sisters!  brothers!  Friends!  what would you not give if the faces of the lost might still and ever smile upon you as in life?  Then procure Portraits ere too late!

Charges moderate, and Likenesses warranted to please.  Daguerreotypes, Paintings, Drawings, &c. copied.  Out-door Views and Miniatures of Deceased Persons taken at the shortest notice.  Remember the place—Room in Beaver’s building, next the Telegraph office, Lewisburg. M’Carty, Artist.  We Study To Please.

The announcement appeared on May 22, 1857.  M’Carty, Daguerrean Artist, has stopped in Lewisburg several months, and done a very large and satisfactory business.  His pictures are clear and life-like, and prices moderate.  Next Wednesday he will finish his visit here, and all who desire one of his pictures, should call on or before that time, as he will positively leave next morning.  Rooms next to the chronicle and Telegraph office.

The second advertisement ran from October 2, 1857 to October 1, 1858.  M’Carty, the Cheap Picture Man, Back Again!  We take this method of informing the citizens of Lewisburg and surrounding country, that we are again with them for a short time, and now offer them a better article at lower prices than ever heretofore.  We have taken the old stand above Christ & Caldwell’s Drug Store, and having much better light than we had in our old rooms, and more convenient rooms in every respect, we shall be better able to accommodate.  Persons having pictures of deceased friends or relatives which they would like to have copied or transferred to paper on a much larger scale, can have it done on short notice, and the copies will be warranted to be equally as good , and sometimes better than those which they are taken from.  Persons wanting Photographs can have them for prices ranging from $5 to $20.  Pictures of persons confined to their rooms through sickness, and of deceased persons taken at the shortest notice, at their residences:  pictures of young children taken in one second in a bright light.  Outdoor Views of buildings, &c., taken to order.  Ambrotype pictures taken on dark and rainy days quicker than Daguerreotypes on the clearest and brightest.  Pictures from 50 cts. to $20, to suit the purchaser.  We extend a cordial invitation to all to call and see us and examine our specimens, whether they want pictures or not.  Remember the place, rooms over Christ & Caldwell’s Mammoth Drug Store.  We study to please.  M’Carty, Artist.

N. B.—Instructions given in the art, and apparatus furnished at the lowest prices. Persons wishing to learn the business can now have an opportunity not often met with.

Mr. McCarty is not recorded in other photograph directories as being in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.