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J. W. Lowry

1859                Over Hezekiah’s Fashionable Emporium, Little Rock, Arkansas.

J. W. Lowry was recorded in one advertisement that ran from May 25 to June 29, 1859 in the Arkansas True Democrat (Little Rock, Arkansas).  New Photograph Gallery.  Now open over Hezekiah’s fashionable emporium, and few doors above Anthony house, where the subscriber begs leave to call attention of the citizens of Little Rock and surrounding vicinity, to his new style of life like Ambrotypes and Melainotypes.

Also plain Photographs of any size, not surpassed by any in sharpness, tone and durability.

You who have beauty, should to Lowry take it;

You who have it not, go and let him make it.

Special attention will be given to the ladies.  Prices vary from $1 to $15, according to size and style.  Call and examine at your earliest convenience.  J. W. Lowry, Artist.

N. B.—The likenesses of all ministers of the gospel taken at half price—that is, from 50 cents up.  J. W. L.

J. W. Lowry was not recorded in other photographic directories.