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J. M. Parkhurst

1858                Address Unknown, Amherst, New Hampshire.                    

J. M. Parkhurst was recorded in one advertisement that ran from May 19 to June 9, 1858 in The Farmers Cabinet (Amherst, New Hampshire).  Great Attraction.  Come One!  Come All!!  Wonderful improvements in colored Miniatures by Ambrotype or Melainotype.  J. M. Parkhurst Would respectfully inform those persons wishing to procure a Miniature of themselves or friends, that they can obtain a beautiful and correct Likeness, (with or without colors) and have it inserted in a neat morocco case, by either of the above processes, for the extreme low price of 50 cents, and upwards, by calling at his Saloon in Amherst, where he will remain but a short time only. 

He is also taking pictures on enameled cloth for 25 cents and upwards, which are convenient to transmit by mail.  Mr. P. would say his pictures are put up in the most durable manner and warranted not to fade.  Pictures taken in all weathers and set in every variety of Locket, Pin, Frames or common cases.

Pictures copied in the most satisfactory manner.  Perfect satisfaction given or no charge.

Instruction given in the art, and Apparatus furnished if desired.

The propriety of an early call is suggested, thereby avoiding the inconvenience of the crowd which always attends the last week of his stay in every place. 

J. M. Parkhurst is not recorded in other photographic directories.