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J. E. (Joseph E.) Porter

1859                Unknown Address and Location, Illinois.

J. E. (Joseph E.) Porter was recorded in two announcement in The Ottawa Free Trader (Ottawa, Illinois).  The first announcement appeared on October 1, 1859.  The County Fair… 2.—Paintings and Drawings.  The display was not large—probably a dozen of entries.  We scarcely saw them and the committee make no comment.  The pictures by Mr. Voegtlin, we are told, however, possessed considerable merit, while the daguerrean pictures, both by Mr. Marston and by Mr. Porter, were as good as they get up anywhere.

Ambrotypes, Jas. Marston.                                                                                                                                    Oil colored photographs, Jas. Marston.                                                                                                          Uncolored photographs, J. E. Porter.                                                                                                                  Ambrotypes and Melainotypes, J. E. Porter.

If there is an inconsistency in this last award, the committee must explain it, for we can’t.

The second announcement appeared on October 8, 1859.  Premium List.  Full List of Premiums awarded at the Fair of the La Salle Co. Agricultural Society, held at Ottawa, Sept. 28, 29, 30.

19—Paintings and Drawings….

Ambrotypes, 2 entries. Jas. Marston.                                                                                                              Photographs in oil, 1 entry.  Jas. Marston.                                                                                                    Uncolored Photographs, 1 entry.  J. E. Porter.                                                                        Ambrotypes & Melainotypes, 1 entry.  J. E. Porter.

The committee have apparently awarded the same premium to Porter and to Marston.  They probably meant, in the last case, the “collection.”

J. E. (Joseph E.) Porter is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Ottawa, Illinois in 1860.  They are probably the same person.