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Lake & Marsh

1855                Over Fresco Hall, Warren, Ohio.

Lake & Marsh were recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Western Reserve Chronicle (Waren, Ohio). The announcement appeared on June 27, 1855.–Messrs. Lake & Harsh (sic.), on the second floor of the same building, are taking good Daguerreotype pictures.

The advertisement ran from June 27 to Nov 7, 1855.  A Change.—Something New And Interesting To The Public—The old Rooms formerly occupied by H. W. Holloway together with the entire stock and interest of same, having been purchased by Lake & Marsh, experienced Daguerreotypists, they are now prepared to execute work in the best style of the art.

Having a large amount of Stock, and Cases of all kinds and sizes, they flatter themselves that they can give entire satisfaction to all who may favor them with their patronage.

No Pictures will be sold unless they are positively good ones.

Come old, come young, come great and small,

To the Daguerrean Rooms over “Fresco Hall.” 

Lake & Marsh are not recorded in other photographic directories as being in a partnership in Warren, Ohio.  While their first names are not recorded in the announcement and advertisement another ad ran from December 19, 1855 to March 26, 1856 that identifies Marsh as H. A. Marsh.

Speculation suggest that Lake is C. L. Lake who was first active in 1853 in Mason, Ohio and from 1853 to 1854 in Nelson, Ohio is about fourteen miles away from Warren, Ohio.  Both C. L. Lake and H. A. Marsh are recorded separately in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and in Ohio Photographers 1839-1900.

H. A. Marsh

1857-1859                   Rooms first building south of the Bank, Main Street, Ashtabula, Ohio.

H. A. Marsh was recorded in four advertisements and one announcement in the Ashtabula Weekly Telegraph (Ashtabula, Ohio). The first advertisement ran from July 3 to December 18, 1858. H. A. Marsh, Successor to E. Howell Would respectfully announced to the citizens of Ashtabula, and surrounding country, that he has recently purchased the entire interest of E. Howell in the Daguerreian business in this place, including his Papertype, recently patented, and that he is prepared to take correct likenesses, in all the different branches of the art, and in the most approved style.  Having had several year’s experience with the first artists in the country, I am enabled to keep up with all the improvements, and feel safe in saying I will furnish as good pictures, and correct, to the life, as can be obtained anywhere in this section of country.  No pictures shall go from my rooms, that are not entirely satisfactory, and warranted.  Pictures taken on patent leather, if desired.  Lockets and Miniature Pins filled at reasonable rates.  Particular attention given, in taking childrens’ likenesses.  Rooms first building south of the Bank, Main Street, where I can always be found from 8 o’clock, A. M. to 5 P. M.

Old Pictures copied, and new ones taken in any weather.            Ashtabula, July 15th, 1857.

The second advertisement ran from July 3, 1858 to December 31, 1859.  H. A. Marsh, Successor to E. Howell, Daguerreotype and Ambrotype Artist.  Also E. Howell’s new Papertype, recently Patented.  Lockets and Miniatures Pins filled at reasonable rates.  Pictures taken on patent leather, if desired.  Rooms, first building south of the Bank, Main Street, Ashtabula, Ohio.

The announce appeared on October 16, 1858.  Premiums Awarded by the Ashtabula Farmers Club. Held at Ashtabula, October 5th & 6th, 1858….Class XIX.  Fine Arts, Ornamental Works, &c. 49 entries.  First Premiums H. A. Marsh in both Ambrotypes & Photographs.

The third advertisement ran from December 18, 1858 to November 19, 1859.  Look Here!  Every one of the lovers of art, every one who admires the beautiful, and especially, every one who delights to look upon the familiar face of a dear friend or relative, (though that friend may be thousands of miles away. Or in the Spirit Land.) take notice that you can get a true—life likeness of yourself or friends at Marsh’s Gallery of Art in Ashtabula, and also, that during the Holidays, in consideration of the closeness of times, I will furnish superior pictures at Much Reduced Prices!

What Christmas or New Year Gifts, are more appropriate than to present a perfect likeness of Yourself to your friends.  I intend to keep constantly on hand a variety of good durable cases, also frames to hang up, so that as you sit by your fireside, you can behold the faces you love, beaming upon you, waking up old memories, and calling to mind past scenes of pleasure and enjoyment.

Having recently refitted my rooms, I shall endeavor to make it as pleasant and agreeable as possible, for all who may give me a call, whether wishing pictures or not.  But remember, time waits for no man, and hard times does not prevent death from removing those you love.

Secure the shadow, Ere the substance Fades; which you can do at Marsh’s Ambrotype Gallery, in cloudy as well as clear weather, between 8 A. M., and 4 P. M.  Rooms first building south of Bank.

The fourth advertisement ran from November 12 to December 31, 1859.  Look Here!  H. A. Marsh!  Photographic Pictures.  I am now taking some fine Photographs, a new and popular style of Pictures, on paper.  After the first is taken, any number can be printed from it, without repeated sitting.

Also—Every other style of pictures, taken in the Best & Most Durable Manner, Warranted.  All of the above styles of pictures, can be obtained Cheap at Marsh’s Gallery, First building South of the Bank.

H. A. Marsh is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in 1859-1860 in Ashtabula, Ohio.