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O. J. Farrington & Brother

1859                Main Street, Marshall House, Abbeville, South Carolina.

O. J. Farrington & Brother were recorded in two announcements. The first on May 6, 1859 in The Independent Press (Abbeville, South Carolina).  Ambrotypes!  Ambrotypes!!  Readers have you ever given our friend Messrs. O. J. Farrington & Brother a call at their Daguerrean room in the “Marshall House,” on Main Street, above the corner; either for the purpose of having your likeness taken or looking at those of friends and acquaintances.  If not you have a pleasure still in anticipation.  They are successors of Mr. Lanneau, the well known artist, and are said by the knowing ones, to take equally as good likenesses.  Their pictures speak for themselves, and the clear and truthful outline of familiar faces indicate the skill of the artists.

We have often thought that this art is not effecting all the objects of pleasure and utility of which it is capable.  How rare the art, which enables us to perpetuate the changing phases of every day life—the fleeting images of men and things; and which gives us the power to retain the loved faces of friends and relatives.  How pleasant even to read a history of our past life in pictures taken at different periods, from the “bonny brow” to the “frosty pow.”   But how great the pleasure of having a minute family history of all the loved ones, from the first born to the last scion—from prattling infancy to budding youth and hoary age.  And when death comes to nip the opening flower, how pleasant to have that loved face casting its bright light upon the shadows of after years.  Who would trust to the frail tablets of memory.  Seize the shadow before the substance fades.

The second announcement appeared on October 28, 1859 in The Independent Press (Abbeville, South Carolina).  Awards of Premiums.  The following awards were awarded at the Abbeville District Fair, on the 20th inst.:…Paintings, Drawings, &c….The Committee takes pleasure in noticing…They also noticed some excellent Ambrotypes by O. J. & G. E. Farrington….

O. J. Farrington is not listed in other photographic directories. Posted yesterday was an announcement in the same paper for G. E. Farrington dated May 12, 1859.

G. E. Farrington

1859                Rooms at Marshall House, Abbeville, South Carolina.

G. E. Farrington was recorded in an announcement on May 12, 1859 in The Abbeville Banner (Abbeville, South Carolina). Ambrotypes. We are pleased to notice that G. E. Farrington has opened an Ambrotype Gallery in the second story of the Wooden Wing of the Marshall House.  We learn, too, that he is stationed here permanently.  He will be pleased to see his friends and customers from any part of the District.  He is prepared to take Ambrotypes, Spherotypes, Melainotypes and Relievotypes of any size or style.  He is also prepared to insert the best specimens of the art in Broaches, Medallions and Rings.  Mr. Farrington is a permanent resident of the place, and may at all times be found at his rooms to accommodate all who may favor him with a call.

He has some beautiful specimens of his skill which may be seen at his room. To our friends from the country who may desire anything in his line, we can recommend him as an artist in every way worthy of support.

G. E. Farrington is not recorded in other photographic directories.