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Cornelius Murrett Vanorsdell

1859                Opposite C.T. Haigh & Sons’ Store, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Cornelius Murrett Vanorsdell was recorded in two advertisements.  The first advertisement ran from May 7 to September 24, 1859 in the North Carolinian (Fayetteville, North Carolina).  The very thing that was needed in Fayetteville a sky light Photographic Gallery.  C. M. Vanorsdell takes pleasure in announcing to the citizens of Fayetteville and vicinity that he has opened his splendid Sky-light Saloon opposite C. T. Haigh & Sons Store, where he is prepared to give as good likenesses as can be made North or South, having had a long experience in the Photographic Art and being determined to let none but good pictures leave his gallery.  He hopes to receive a liberal patronage. Photographs Ambrotypes Mellaneotypes, cameotypes, &c.

Those for whom our fond emotions cherish,

Secure the shadow e’re the substance perish.

Come all ye fathers and mothers

Come all ye sisters and brothers

Come all ye lovers and friends,

No longer now delay

Come to Van’s Saloon and get

Your picture Before you are called away.

Likenesses neatly set in pins, rings, Bracelets, &c.

Instructions given in the Art.  Stock for sale.

Likenesses taken at short notice of sick or deceased persons at their residence.  Also landscape and views.  April 30.

The second advertisement appeared on July 11, 1859 in the Fayetteville Weekly Observer  (Fayetteville, North Carolina).  Sky-Light Photographic Gallery, In Fayetteville.  Where Photographs, plain or colored, Ambrotypes, Cameotypes, Melaneotypes, and Patent Leather-Types; can be had in all sizes and styles, and in all kinds of weather, except of children, which are to be taken in clear weather only.

Likenesses set in Gold Lockets, Breast-Pins, Bracelets, &c.

Those who wish to patronize this beautiful art are requested to give me a call.

Instruction given in the art, and apparatus, stock and chemicals furnished at a small advance on New York prices.

Likenesses taken at short notice of sick or deceased persons, at their residences.

Old Daguerreotypes correctly copied.  C. M. Vanorsdell, Photographist.  Gallery opposite C. T. Haigh & Sons’ Store.  April 29.

C. M. Vanorsdell is recorded in Photographers In North Carolina The First Century, 1842-1941.