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C. R. Macy

1846                Rooms at F. Scofield’s Inn, Brandon, Vermont.

C. R. Macy was recorded in an advertisement that ran from August 6 to 13, 1846 in The Voice of Freedom (Brandon, Vermont). C. R. Macy, Photographer, would respectfully inform the citizens of this place and vicinity, that he will take Likenesses By The Daguerreotype Process, in a style and finish unsurpassed. His Miniatures possess all the colors of life, and are warranted durable, as well as well as being perfect copies from nature and art.  Specimens may be seen at his room, at F. Scofield’s Inn, where he will remain a few days to furnish all those who may favor him with their patronage, at the reduced price of one dollar fifty cents each.  Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine for themselves.       Operations in all weather, from 8 A. M., until 4, P. M.

C. R. Macy is not recorded in other photographic directories.

E. B. Hendee

1845-1846       Rooms at Bratlett’s Hotel, Brandon, Vermont.                                                                  1846                   Rooms at Scofield’s Hall, Brandon, Vermont.

E. B. Hendee was recorded in one announcement and two advertisements in The Voice of Freedom (Brandon, Vermont). The announcement ran on December 18, 1845. Daguerreotyping.  Messrs. Reed & Hendee are operating very successfully and satisfactorily to those who employ them, in taking Daguerreotype likenesses.  When Mr. Wilcox was operating in this way, last spring, I though he took the lead in Perfecting miniatures; but on seeing the work performed by Messrs. Reed & Hendee, I am confident that they go before any who have preceded them in this line of business.  Those desiring convenient likenesses for presenting to their friends will do well to call and see for themselves.

The first advertisement ran from December 18, 1845 to January 1, 1846.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  S. W. Reed & E. B. Hendee, Would inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Brandon & Vicinity that they have taken rooms, for a few day at Bartlett’s, where they are prepared to furnish Daguerreotype Miniatures finished in the Latest Improved Styles, by which they are rendered perfectly distinct, and prepared to resist the action of air and light without the possibility of being faded or changed.

Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens.  Miniatures taken at all hours of the day, without regard to weather.  For the small sum of Two Dollars a perfect likeness will be done up in a handsome case.  Lockets furnished at a low price.  Brandon, Dec. 16, 1845.

The second advertisement ran from September 17 to October 8, 1846.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  E. B. Hendee, respectfully informs the inhabitants of Brandon and vicinity, that possessing all the latest improvements in the art, and a very superior apparatus, he is now prepared to take Daguerreotype Likenesses, in a style that equals the finest engravings, and with a truthfulness to nature that surpasses the best paintings.  They are rendered perfectly distinct, are prepared to resist the action of air and light, and are not liable to fade or change.

Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens, and improve the present opportunity to obtain a true and life like copy of their own features or those of their friends.  No charge unless the likenesses are satisfactorily taken.  Rooms at Scofield’s Hall.

E. B. Those who have had likenesses taken by the old process can have them retaken at a trifling expense. Instruction given, including all recent improvements in coloring, &c. Apparatus furnished on reasonable terms.  Brandon, Sept. 14, 1846.

E. B. possibly (Edwin B.) Hendee is recorded as being active in Sonora, California in 1849, in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry. He may also be associated with the firm Hendee & Brothers.

Francis Burrows

1848                Rooms at Miss Adams Building, Middlebury, Vermont.                                            1848                Rooms at Mr. Button’s Building, on door east of his store, Brandon, Vermont.    1848                Rooms at Miss. Adams Building, Middlebury, Vermont.                                            1850                Rooms at Miss. Adams Building, Middlebury, Vermont.

Francis Burrows and F. Burrows are probably the same person, but because there is no conclusive proof this is only speculation on my part.  To date three announcements and three advertisements have been found for him in Vermont.  The first announcement appears in The Middlebury Galaxy (Middlebury, Vermont) on September 19, 1848.  F. Burrows, Daguerrean Artist, Will visit Middlebury in about a week, and will be ready to execute work in his line at his old stand in Miss Adams building.—ladies and gentlemen are invited to give him a call.  All work warranted to give satisfaction.

On August 30, 1848 the first advertisement is recorded in The Voice of Freedom (Brandon, Vermont.)  Burrow’s Superior Portraits.  Mr. Francis Burrows would announce to the citizens of Brandon that he has secured pleasant rooms at Mr. Button’s building, one door east of his Store, where he will be ready at all hours from 8 o’clock A. M. till 4 o’clock P. M., to accommodate all those who may favor him with a call.  Mr. B. will render his pictures entirely satisfactory and he is confident with his long experience and superior skill and apparatus, that he can produce an article in life-like appearance not surpassed by any.  His pictures are of a deep soft tone and beautiful lights and shade.  Gentlemen and Ladies are invited to call and satisfy themselves.  Miniatures will be put up in any style and in any weather.

Any instructions will be given on dressing for the occasion, when called for.  N. B. Instructions given to those who wish to learn the business, and apparatus found.

The second advertisement appears On October 3 & 10, 1848 in The Middlebury Galaxy (Middlebury, Vermont.)  Portraits Mr. Francis Burrows Would respectfully announce to the citizens of Middlebury and vicinity that he has returned to this village after an absence of a year , making investigations and improvements in the Daguerrean Art—having visited the principal establishments of the kind in the cities-that he is now prepared to render his pictures entirely satisfactory.  He is confident, from his long experience and the success he has had in the art, that he can satisfy the Most fastidious.

Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine for themselves.  N. B. A superior article of quick stuff for sale.

This is followed by two announcements the first on October 17, 1848 in The Middlebury Galaxy (Middlebury, Vermont.)  Burrows, Will Take Portraits at his rooms during This Week.  All wishing anything in his line of business will govern themselves accordingly.

The second from the same newspaper on October 24. 1848.  Burrows Will Take Portraits This Week & Next And No Longer.

The last advertisement found for Francis Burrows in Vermont appeared on January 1 & 8, 1850 in The Middlebury Galaxy (Middlebury, Vermont.)  Daguerreotype Pictures!  F. Burrows Having returned to this village, proposes to stop about two weeks, and take pictures.  He trusts that his former customers, and all who desire Daguerreotype Pictures, will call at his rooms in Miss Adams’s Building, where he will be ready to take pictures in a superior manner, and on reasonable terms.  The public are invited to call and examine specimens of pictures and prices.

Question remain concerning the activity of Francis Burrows.  In the first announcement on September 19, 1848 it says that he is at his old rooms.  Which can only mean that he has visited Middlebury before.  Middlebury is close to the New York boarder it’s possible that he is traveling back and forth staying in various towns spending two to three weeks and then moving on, this is based on F. (Francis’s) Burrows activity in New York.  The other possibility is that he is traveling around Vermont and I just have not found the newspapers to verify his activity.

*See second post today F. (Francis) Burrows.