Reed & Hendee

1845-1846       Rooms at the Bratlett’s Hotel, Brandon, Vermont.

Reed & Hendee (S. W. Reed & E. B. Hendee) were recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The Voice of Freedom (Brandon, Vermont).  The announcement appeared on December 18, 1845.  Daguerreotyping.  Messrs. Reed & Hendee are operating very successfully and satisfactorily to those who employ them, in taking Daguerreotype likenesses.  When Mr. Wilcox was operating in this way, last spring, I though he took the lead in Perfecting miniatures; but on seeing the work performed by Messrs. Reed & Hendee, I am confident that they go before any who have preceded them in this line of business.  Those desiring convenient likenesses for presenting to their friends will do well to call and see for themselves.

The advertisement ran from December 18, 1845 to January 1, 1846.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  S. W. Reed & E. B. Hendee, Would inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Brandon & Vicinity that they have taken rooms, for a few day at Bartlett’s, where they are prepared to furnish Daguerreotype Miniatures finished in the Latest Improved Styles, by which they are rendered perfectly distinct, and prepared to resist the action of air and light without the possibility of being faded or changed.

Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens.                                                    Miniatures taken at all hours of the day, without regard to weather.                                                  For the small sum of Two Dollars a perfect likeness will be done up in a handsome case.        Lockets furnished at a low price.

Reed & Hendee are not listed in other photographic directories.  S. W. Reed is also not listed in other photographic directories and E. B. Hendee is not recorded as being active in Brandon, Vermont.  It is possible that this is Edwin B. Hendee for more information on him see Pioneer Photographers of the Far West: A Biographical Dictionary, 1840-1865.

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