Mrs. A. C. Redmond

1855                290 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C.                                                            1855-1856     401 Seventh Street, Washington, D. C.                                                                          1858-1859     12 Market Space, between 8th & 9th Streets, Washington, D. C.

Mrs. A. C. Redmond was recorded in six advertisements and two announcements in the Evening Star (Washington, D. C.)  The first advertisement ran from August 6 to September 24, 1855.  Mrs. A. C. Redmond’s New Gallery of Daguerrean Art and Photographing is at 290 Pa. avenue, northeast corner of 11th street, over Ford & Bro’s Drug Store, Washington.

Pictures taken at 50 cents and upwards.                                                                                                      Mrs. R. is a graduate of Whitehurst’s establishment.

The first announcement appeared on September 26, 1855.  Worthy of Patronage.—Those desiring daguerreotype pictures cannot do better than to patronize the establishment of Mrs. Redmond, on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and eleventh street, over the Drug store of the Brothers Ford.  The proprietress, Mrs. Redmond, executes her pictures capitally, and especially deserves encouragement from those who are blessed with true public spirit.  We have satisfied our self that she is a very worthy widow, with a family of three children depending on her exertions, and that the duty of paying for her establishment has forced her to deny herself almost the bare necessities of life during nearly the whole of the late dull term in the way of business.  If industry and determined perseverance to discharge pecuniary obligations amid crushing difficulties and pinching want deserve encouragement, surely here is a case in which those who are truly benevolent and public spirited cannot do better than to patronize the daguerreotyping establishment in question.

The second advertisement ran from November 22, 1855 to January 21, 1856.  Daguerreotypes Taken By A Lady.  Mrs. A. C. Redmond Having removed to her new rooms, on 7th st., between H and I, is prepared to take Likenesses in the best style of the art.

Pictures well taken and put up in embossed cases for Fifty Cents.

The second announcement appeared on July 10, 1856.  Daguerreotypes.—Those in want of good Daguerreotypes should call at the establishment of Mrs. A. C. Redmond, 401 Seventh street.  Her pictures are well executed, and her prices suit the times.

The third advertisement ran from July 10 to 16, 1856.  Mrs. A. C. Redmond’s Sky-Light Daguerrean Gallery.  No. 401 Seventh street, above H, west side.

Portraits Taken Equally Well in Fair and Cloudy Weather.  Particular attention paid to copying Daguerreotypes, Oil paintings, &c.  Pictures of Deceased Persons taken and made to resemble life.  Mrs. R. solicits the patronage of the Ladies particularly.

The fourth advertisement appeared on December 2, 1856.  Mrs. A. C. Redmond’s Skylight daguerrean Rooms, Seventh street, west side, between H and I sts.

Mrs. A. C. R. Wishes To say To The public that she is now making beautiful Ambrotypes from one dollar up to any price requires.  Daguerreotypes put up in embossed cases for fifty cents, which are usually sold elsewhere for one dollar.  Her expenses on Seventh street being much less than on the Avenue, she is enabled to sell her Pictures at a greatly reduced price.

Mrs. R. respectfully requests the patronage of the ladies.

The fifth advertisement ran from August 7 to 11, 1858.  Call At Scott’s Bookstore On Pa. avenue, between 14th and 16th streets, and get a dollar Book and a Daguerreotype for only one dollar….Daguerreotypes will be taken by that excellent artist E. N. Lewis, at Mrs. Redmond’s Gallery, No. 12 Market Space, and by R. C. Woodley, 312 E street.

The sixth advertisement ran on April 1 & 2, 1859.  Ladies Daguerrean Rooms, Market Space, No. 12, bet. 8th and 9th sts.  If you want an excellent Ambrotype, call at Mrs. A. C. Redmond’s and obtain one.  Likeness to please, or no pay.

Ladies, your patronage is respectfully solicited.

Mrs. A. C. Redmond is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.  The above provides extended activity dates, addresses and additional information.

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