A. S. Scott

1844                Rooms at L. C. Scott’s, Brandon, Vermont.

A. S. Scott was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The Voice of Freedom  (Brandon, Vermont).  The first announcement appeared on March 14, 1844.  Daguerreotype.  The attention of the citizens of Brandon and vicinity is called to an advertisement of A. S. Scott’s, to be found in another column of this paper.  Judging from the Miniatures I have seen of Mr. Scott’s taking, I can assure the public that they excel in beauty and elegance any before exhibited in this place.  No one has any excuse now for leaving friends without accurate portraits.—D. S. M.

The advertisement ran from March 14 to 21, 1844.  Daguerreotype.  Mr. A. S. Scott Respectfully announces to the citizens of Brandon and vicinity, that he has taken a room at L. C. Scott’s, where he will be found constantly ready to serve those who may be so liberal as to bestow upon him a share of their patronage.

To those desirous of procuring correct likenesses of themselves or their friends, a favorable opportunity is now presented of gratifying their wishes, at comparatively trifling expense.  Photographic Miniatures can be taken, that will exhibit their features as perfectly as nature itself.  In point of durability, these impressions are decidedly superior to any painting that can be produced, as they are taken on plates of Silver, and are less affected by time and the atmosphere, than paintings.

The Daguerreotype is decidedly superior to any other invention which the ingenuity of man has sought out, for delineating accurately the human features, or natural scenery.  The advantages of this process, over the ordinary method of taking miniatures, are numerous and important; among which may be particularly specified, the moderate cost, the very great rapidity of the operation, and the true and perfect resemblance of the impression on the plate, to the original.  These impressions will never be affected, neither by time, nor climate; but the bright hues, and delicate tints of the pencil, are often dimmed and sullied by the effects of age and temperature.

A. S. Scott is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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