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A. S. Barber

1857                Rooms over H. D. Pratt’s Shoe Store, Penn-Yan, New York.

A. S. Barber was recorded in one announcement and two advertisements.  The announcement appeared on August 27, 1857 in the Yates County Chronicle (Penn Yan, New York).  Solar Pictures.—Mr. A. L. Barber, a very worthy young gentleman from Geneva has purchased the Daguerrean Rooms of Mr. B. S. Wilson, and put himself in readiness to take pictures painted by the sun, and perfect as life.  Mr. Barber is a man of enterprise and worth, and will commend himself to the good will of the public.

The first advertisement ran from August 27 to November 19, 1857 in the Yates County Chronicle (Penn Yan, New York).  New Daguerrean Gallery!   Mr. A. S. Barber, from Geneva, having purchased the Daguerrean Gallery of B. S. Wilson, Next door to the bookstore of James [Boras], invites the patronage of the of Penn Yan, and the Country around, and hopes, by [exceeding] in work, to merit a full share of business.  He has a splendid Sky Light, and all the most approved fixtures, for taking pictures of the best [description], and may be found in him rooms during all [reasonable] hours, prepared to do his best to give satisfaction to his customers.  Call on him and give him a trial.

The second advertisement ran on November 11 & 18, 1857 in the Penn Yan Democrat (Penn-Yan, New York).  Barber’s Mammoth Sky-Light Daguerrean Gallery.  Good Pictures taken or “no Pay.”  Rooms opposite the Yates County Bank, and directly over the Shoe Store of H. D. Pratt, where I am prepared with all the necessary fixtures, together with a most excellent Sky-Light (better cannot be had) to take Pictures Of All Kinds, “Rain or Shine.”  I am satisfied that I can produce Pictures of such an Expression, Tone and Finish as will please the purchaser, otherwise “No Pay.”

A few hints:  Dark Clothes Take Best.  The Hair Should Be Free From Oil Or Moisture.  Children’s Likenesses taken in from 2 to 4 seconds between the hours of 11 A. M. and 2 P. M.

Instructions given in all its branches on very reasonable terms.  Lockets, Pins and Rings Filled, Copying Transfer Pictures &c., &c., taken at the above Gallery.                                                    

A. S. Barber is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Penn-Yan, New York.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list A. S. Barber in Adrian, Michigan in 1860.  David V. Tinder’s on-line Directory of Early Michigan Photographers records Barber being active in Adrian from 1859-1865.  It is unknow at this time if they are the same person.

B. S. Wilson

1855-1857       Elmendorf Building, opposite the American Hotel, Penn Yan, New York.

B. S. Wilson was recorded in two announcements, two advertisements and mentioned in a third advertisement in the Penn Yan Democrat (Penn-Yan, New York) and one advertisement in the  Yates County Chronicle (Penn Yan, New York).  The first announcement appeared on September 26, 1855 in the Penn Yan Democrat (Penn-Yan, New York).  Yates County Fair.  The annual Fair and Cattle Show of the Yates County Agricultural Society came off per announcement, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last….S. B. Wilson, Daguerrean Artist, exhibited several beautiful specimens of his skill in the line of Ambrotypes, Photographs, &c.

The second announcement appeared on October 17, 1855.  But few are probably aware of the rapid progress that has been made in bringing the art of Daguerreotyping to perfection.  The latest, and we may say the greatest improvement that has yet been made in the art, is that of taking Ambrotypes and Photographs on glass.  The Ambrotypes are pictures taken on the back of plate glass, forming a picture that is seen in any light, and its natural position, not reversed as in Daguerreotypes.  The picture is covered with a gum that hardens and forms a secure protection from dampness or dust.  Indeed the picture can be destroyed only by breaking the glass.  It is seen through the glass, and is equally clear and distinct seen at any angle.  They are afforded at about the same rates as Daguerreotypes.

The Photographs are also taken on glass, and then by chemical process, the impression is transferred on to paper, presenting an appearance equal to the finest steel engraving, and any number of impressions can be taken from the same plate.  Bring on light paper you are enabled to present your distant friends with a beautiful and accurate picture of yourself, and that at a trifling expense.

Mr. Wilson, successor to Mr. Flower, at his rooms, opposite the Yates County Bank, is now prepared to furnish all who wish with either Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, or Photographs in the highest style of the art.

The first advertisement ran from October 31, 1855 to February 25, 1857.  Photographic And Daguerrean Gallery.  B. S. Wilson would inform the citizens of Penn Yan and surrounding country that he has now introduced the new and wonderful art of taking Likenesses on Paper and Glass.

While he is prepared to take these new pictures in the best of style, his facilities for producing Daguerreotypes are not inferior, but superior to what they have ever been, and all wishing the regular Daguerreotype, can rely on getting good pictures as heretofore.  The rooms are open and free at all hours, and all are invited to call and examine specimens.    B. S. Wilson.

Successor to S. J. Fowler, nearly opposite the Yates Co. Bank, Penn. Yan.  Instructions carefully given in the art, and apparatus furnished cheap.  Penn Yan, Oct. 31, 1855.

The third advertisement ran from February 21, 1856 to March 5, 1857 in  the Yates County Chronicle (Penn Yan, New York).  Pictures Taken On Paper And Glass.  The undersigned after being to considerable expense in [ ? ] and preparing to take pictures as above, is now enabled to put up pictures with Neatness And Dispatch.

And now while I return my sincere thanks and gratitude to the citizens of Penn Yan and vicinity, for the liberal patronage that they have given me, I would say to them that I have a new process for Glass pictures, that surpasses anything before [ ? ].  The advantages in taking in this style of picture is 1st.  You do not sit more than [ ? ].  2d.  It does not reverse but makes a positive Picture.  3d.  It is secured from dampness.  These pictures are decided by the most competent Judges, to be [as] much superior to the Plate Picture, as a Steel Engraving is to a Wood Cut Picture.

My pictures shall be as Cheap as the Cheapest; please give me a call, and you shall be [ ? ] or no charge.

Rooms in Elmendorf building, opposite the Yates Co. Bank, formerly occupied by S. J. Fowler.  B. S. Wilson.

N. B.  Pictures taken on plate as before, if desired.  A good assortment of Locket, Pins, and a variety of Cases, always on hand, all of the latest style.

Daguerreotype [ ? ] for sale to Artists and sent to all parts by Express if desired.

The fourth advertisement appeared in the Penn Yan Democrat (Penn-Yan, New York) on April 1, 1857.  Daguerreotypes.—Mrs. Lansing has taken the rooms formerly occupied by S. B. Wilson, opposite the American, where she will be pleased to furnish such as may wish with a superior quality of Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes, &c.  We have been shown several specimens of her work, and they are certainly very fine.

B. S. or S. B. Wilson is not recorded in other photographic directories.