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Edwin J. March

1856                86 Factory Island, opposite The Post Office, Saco, Maine.

1858                Rooms Next Door to the Old Post Office, Saco, Maine.

Edwin J. March was recorded in one announcement and two advertisements in the Maine Democrat (Saco, Maine).  The announcement appeared on October 7, 1856 while he was in the partnership of Davis & March (A. R. Davis & Edwin J. Davis).  York & Co.  Agricultural Society.  Reports of Committees made at the recent Cattle Show and Fair…

Report on Paintings, Statuary, Drawing and Daguerreotypes.  Your Committee would respectfully report that the exhibition in their department was meager: nevertheless, it was such as indicated that the Fine Arts were not entirely neglected in the County….

To Ambrotypes marked 175—E. H. McKenney, Biddeford, $3.00

To Ambrotypes marked 25—by Davis & March, Saco, $2.00

The first advertisement ran on February 2 to 16, 1858.  Have your Picture taken before business depression lengthens your faces so that you will be ashamed to see even their shadows delineated on Glass.

Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes, Glass Pictures, Cloth Pictures, Or any other style required, my be had at as low prices as elsewhere, at March’s Ambrotype Rooms.  (Next Door to the Old Post Office, Saco, Maine.

The second advertisement ran from February 23 to June 8, 1858.  The Place To Get The Best Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes, And Photographs!  Is at March’s Ambrotype Rooms, Next Door to Old Post Office.

We are bound to make the best pictures!  Call and see.

P.S.  Plain and fancy Cases constantly on hand at the lowest rates.

Edwin J. March is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Saco, Maine in 1856-1857.