T. L. Nurse

1852-1856       Corner of Jefferson & Third Streets, Over W. H. Mauro’s Store Burlington, Iowa.

1856-1858       Corner of Jefferson & Third Streets, over Swan’s Store, Burlington, Iowa.

T. L. Nurse was recorded in six advertisements (plus one he was mentioned in) and five announcements in three different newspapers.  The first advertisement appeared on August 19, 1852 in the Hawk-Eye and Iowa Patriot (Burlington, Iowa).  T. L. Nurse, Daguerrean Artist, Has just received a new supply to his already extensive assortment of stock; and persons wishing Daguerreotypes, can always find at his room the latest style and best quality of cases, lockets, &c., with pictures to correspond.  Please call at the corner of Jefferson and Third streets, and examine for yourselves. 

N. B.  No pains spared to give entire satisfaction to every customer, and no charge if he don’t succeed.  Burlington, May 12, 1852.

The second advertisement was recorded from September 19, 1854 to May 16, 1855 in the   Hawk-Eye (Burlington, Iowa).  Daguerreotypes By T. L. Nurse, Of Chicago, Ill.  He has returned to Burlington with an entire new apparatus and a much better assortment of cases, than were ever before brought to this place, and has fitted up a very Pleasant Room Over W. H. Mauro’s store, (on the south side of Jefferson street, east of Main,) where he has a light second only to a sky-light, a far superior in every respect to the one used while here before.

All are respectfully invited to call and see for themselves.

N. B.—All Pictures warranted perfectly satisfactory or no charge.

Don’s forget the place, on the South side of Jefferson [a few] doors east of Main Street.  August 24, 1854.

The third advertisement ran from May 14, 1855 to February 27, 1856 in the Hawk-Eye. 

Daguerreotypes By T. L. Nurse, Over W. H. Mauro’s Store, (On the south side of Jefferson Street, east of Main.)  He has just returned from Chicago, with a complete assortment of Cases, of all styles, from the cheap $1.50 to the finest French, Also a fine assortment of Gold Lockets, f4om the small shells and Scallops, to those with four openings, which he will sell at lower prices than ever before offered in this city.

Please call and see for yourselves whether you wish pictures or not.

All Pictures warranted perfectly satisfactory or no charge.

Artists supplied with Instruments, Apparatus and tock, at reasonable rates.

The first announcement appeared on January 2, 1856 I the Hawk-Eye.  Beautiful Pictures.—We have examined some of the pictures taken by Mr. Nurse and find them very fine.  They are taken upon glass, are durable, can be seen in any light and altogether superior to the Daguerreotype.  See advertisement.

The fourth advertisement ran from January 2 to May 21, 1856 in the Hawk-Eye.  Glass Pictures, Or, Improved Ambrotypes, At Nurse’s Daguerrean Rooms, over W. H. Mauro’s Store.  These Pictures are a late improvement on the Patent Ambrotypes, being taken in the same manner, but put up differently.  Pictures by this process, instead of having the tone of the Patent pictures, are warm and life-like in tone, possessing a brilliancy never before obtained, and are pronounced by all impartial judges, to be far superior.  Please call and see fo4 yourselves, and remember the place to get Good Pictures, cheap, is a few doors east of Coolbaugh & Brooks’ Bank.  Satisfaction warranted in every instance, or no charge.  A large assortment of Plain and Fancy Cases, Gold Lockets, etc., constantly on hand.

P. S.  Don’s be humbugged into purchasing anything, just because it is patented, especially when you can get a superior article at a less price.  dec. 27.  T. L. Nurse, Artists.

The second announcement appeared on September 3,1856 in the Hawk-Eye.  Stereoscophic (sic.) Ambrotypes.—We were shown recently, by Mr. T. L. Nurse, a number of new style Ambrotypes, which it appears to us, were superior to anything we have met with, growing out of the wonderful discovery of Daguerre.  The principle distinction of the new improvement, is the seeming prominence of the figure, and the boldness of every line and shade.  They are worth attention from those who admire and appreciate every new feature of this graphic art, and all who desire a likeness of self or friend should give Mr. Nurse a call.  They will find his room worth a visit.

The fifth advertisement ran from September 10 to December 24, 1856 in the Hawk-Eye.  Something New!  T. L. Nurse would respectfully inform the public that he is ow taking a new and very superior Picture on Glass, called the Sphereoscopic Ambrotype.  They are pronounced by all to be as much superior to the Ambrotype, as the Ambrotype is to the Daguerreotype.  The objection of a Picture being too dark is entirely removed; for while they are lighter than the Ambrotype or Daguerreotype, they are at the same time more distinct than either.

Please call and see for yourselves.

He is still taking Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes and Photographs, either plain or colored in oil colors.

Ambrotypes set in Pins, Lockets, &c.

All work warranted satisfactory, or no charge.

The Spereoscopic Ambrotype is Patented, and can only be had at the rooms of T. L. Nurse, corner of Jefferson and Third streets.  Entrance to rooms on Third street.

The third announcement appeared on December 31, 1856 in the Hawk-Eye.  A Good Gift.—If “a thing of beauty is a joy forever,” as it probably is, just step into the Gallery of T. L. Nurse, and take a look at his beautiful Ambrotypes and Photographs, that need but the breath and spirit of life to move them to speak.  There is nothing more suitable as a present to your friends about the Holidays, than a likeness of yourselves, and nearly as acceptable.

The sixth advertisement (the one  that he was mentioned in) first appeared on December 9, 1857 in the Hawk-Eye.  Now is the time to get a Good Picture!  Ambrotypes, Photographs, Holotypes.  Prices To Suit The Times!!  H. N. Twining having taken the Rooms formerly occupied by T. L. Nurse, corner of Third and Jefferson street, will be happy to see all who are in want of a fine Picture, a real artistic gem.  Pictures [of] all styles with all the late improvements.  Particular attention is given to taking likenesses of small children.  From his long experience he is satisfied he can please all, even the most fastidious.  Call and see.  Remember, Thining’s Gallery is the only place in the West where you can get the Holotype or large views.—He has the mammoth instrument expressly for this purpose and the exclusive right of Des Moines County.—Prices to suit the times.  Perfect satisfaction given, or no charge.

The seventh advertisement was recorded from January 1 to February 14, 1858 in the Daily Iowa State Gazette (Burlington, Iowa).  Removal.—T. L. Nurse, Daguerreotype, Ambrotype And Photographic Artist, has removed his room to the corner of Jefferson and Third streets, over Swan’s store, where he has fitted up a fine suite of rooms and added many new improvements.

His operating room is furnished with the best sky light west of Chicago, ad provided with all the necessary apparatus for working any and all the branches of the Photographic art.  His reception room is open at all times to visitors who may wish to examine specimens or obtain pictures, and he extends a cordial invitation to All to call and judge for themselves if he has not the best rooms and the best light in the country; all will be treated with civility and politeness, whether they contemplate sitting for their pictures or not.

Ambrotypes made in the highest and best styles of the art, and warranted to give perfect satisfaction.  All kinds of pictures copied with neatness and dispatch.  [may20’56.

The fourth announcement appeared on August 17, 1858 in the Hawk-Eye.  Died.  Yesterday afternoon, of consumption, Mr. T. L. Nurse.

The fifth announcement first appeared on August 24, 1858 in the  Hawk-Eye.  Administration Notice.  Estate of T. L. Nurse, Deceased.  The undersigned has this day been appointed by the County Court of Des Moines County, Iowa, Administrator of the estate of T. L. Nurse, deceased, late of this county.

All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make payment to the undersigned, and persons having claims against said estate, are herby notified to present the same to said Court for allowances.  J. M. Broadwell, Administrator. 

T. L. Nurse is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in 1856 in Burlington, Iowa.

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