S. W. Hartshorn

ca.1844-1845  25 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island

1850-1857       25 Westminster Street, Providence, Rohde Island.

1857-1858       81 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island.

1859                98 & 100 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island.[1]

S. W. Hartshorn was recorded in five advertisements, four in the General Advertiser (Providence, Rhode Island) and one in the Providence Journal.  The first advertisement was recorded on March 23, 1850.  Daguerreotypes.  Hartshorn has just finished a suite of Rooms, with a new and improved Sky-Light, in the Hall above the room occupied by him for the last five years, where he is still better prepared to take Daguerreotype Miniatures of every size, single or in groups, in a style not to be surpassed by any.

Grateful for past favors, I respectfully ask a continuance of the same, and invite ladies and gentlemen to visit my rooms at all times, whether intending to sit for a picture or otherwise.  S. W. Hartshorn, Agent, 25 Westminster st.  o6.

The second advertisement was recorded on July 2, 1850 in the Providence Journal (Providence, Rhode Island).  Superior Skylight Daguerreotypes.  S. W. Hartshorn, Agent, and Wm. S. Johnson have associated themselves together in business and respectfully inform their friends and the public generally that the are prepared to take Daguerreotype likenesses in a style not executed by any.

Having the largest rooms, the most extensive apparatus and long experience, with an improved skylight, they are confident that for beauty of finish, distinctness of impression, superior tone, and life-like expression of the eyes, their pictures will compare favorably with any taken elsewhere.

Pictures of all sizes and warranted not to fade taken without regard to weather.  Instruction given and apparatus furnished on reasonable terms.  The Rooms are at No. 25 Westminster st. up stairs, open all hours of the day, and ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens.

N. B. A superior instrument that operates in from one to ten seconds is used for children and others who desire it.  a29.

The third advertisement was recorded on April 30 and June 11 & 18, 1853 in the General Advertiser (Providence, Rhode Island).  Daguerres.—Just received, a further supply of Fancy Cases, for Daguerreotypes, embracing all the desirable styles, both double and single, which I shall be happy to show to my customers, and to place within them a Perfect Likeness, either Crayon or such other as may be preferred.  My assortment of Plain Cases is complete for those who wish a more moderate priced article.  In fact, I have everything pertaining to the business in “good order and well conditioned,” and can always be found at my old stand, No. 25 Westminster-st., ready to supply the wants of those who call on me, pledging myself to furnish as perfect an article as can be obtained anywhere.  S. W. (sic.) Hartshorn, Agent.

The fourth advertisement was recorded on September 15, 1855 in the General Advertiser  (Providence, Rhode Island).  Daguerreotypes.  I have reduced the prices of all kinds of Daguerreotypes to the lowest possible mark, some of them even as low as Twenty-Five Cents!!!

As my rooms are known to be the most extensive and convenient, and having the Largest Sky Light in the State, the best Instruments, and all improvements in the art, I have no hesitation in promising satisfaction to all who may give me their patronage.  Recollect that my number is 25 Westminster-st., and Daguerreotypes may be had for the same number of cents.  J. W. Hartshorn, Agent, 25 Westminster-st.

The fifth advertisement was recorded on January 30, 1858 in the General Advertiser (Providence, Rhode Island).  Removal.  The subscriber informs his friends and the public, that he has removed his Daguerreotype, Photograph and Ambrotype Rooms from his Old Stand, to 81 Westminster-st., where he is prepared to furnish, as heretofore first rate Likenesses, at Moderate Prices.  He respectfully solicits a continuance of the liberal patronage that he has received for the last 12 years.  S. W. Hartshorn, Agent.  my30.

S. W. Hartshorn is recorded in other photographic directories.  The new information is that he was active in Providence as early as 1844-1845.  Please note that only fourteen issues were available for me to look at in the General Advertiser between 1847-1858.  The dates at the end of each advertisements (when noted) are the start dates of the advertisements.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

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