E. M. Van Aken

1856-1858       Rooms over the Post Office, Lowville, New York.

1859                Rooms in the New Brick Block of J. O’Donnell & Co., Lowville, New York.

E. M. Van Aken is recorded in six advertisements and six announcements in The Lewis County Banner (Lowville, New York.)  The first advertisement ran from September 3 to 17, 1856.  Notice The Subscriber Would Give Notice that he is now engaged in fitting up a Portrait Gallery, In this village, which will be completed this week, expressly for producing the Very Best Results in all the different styles of Ambrotyping, Daguerreotyping and Photographing.  Rooms over the Post Office, Third Floor.  E. M. Van Aken.  Lowville, August 26, 1856.

The first announcement appeared on September 10, 1856.  We would call the attention of our readers to the advertisement of E. M. Van Aken’s Daguerrean Rooms to be found in another column.  Give him a call.

The second advertisement ran from September 10, 1856 to January 28, 1857.  Van Aken’s Picture Gallery, at Lowville.  Rooms Over The Post Office. 

Land of the North! How little ye know,

They power of they Arts, whose glories I sing;

For the’re wafted to all by breezes that blow,\

From perennial lands of soft, gentle spring.

The Goddes of science has stooped in her flight,

To deposit with us a gift fair and bright!

And what do you think her majesty gave?

The “Camera Tube,” that’l picture the brave,

The young, or the old, the lovely and fair;

Oh! Really good gracious! What a blessing it are.

Daguerreotypes bright,

And Photographs right,

That index the face as truly as life;

With Ambrotypes new,

So faithful and true,

To picture husband, son, daughter and wife.

Secure the shadow, er’e the substance fade;

For time will cast or’e all a deeper shade.

And life-like ties will soon be broken,

And farewell words yet to be spoken.

Van Aken’s rooms are just the place,

To get a picture of your face.

They’ll keep all right forever,

And ner’e will dim, no never!

Come and see;

The sight is free,

Call All, E. M. Van Aken, Artist.  Lowville, Sept. 10, 1856.

The third advertisement ran from January 28 to November 11, 1857.  Van Aken’s Picture Gallery.  All kinds of Photographs, Ambrotypes, and Daguerreotypes taken at this establishment with accuracy, and dispatch.

Pictures of every description copied into any of the above styles, and diminished or enlarged to any desired size.  E. M. van Aken, Artists.  Lowville, Jan. 27, 1857.

The second announcement appeared on March 4, 1857.  E. M. Van Aken came into our Office a few days since, and presented to the fraternity an Ambrotype of the craft, at work, for which he will receive their thanks.  It is a fine Picture, but we need not have said this, for he does not let anything go out of his Gallery, excepting it gives ample satisfaction.

The third announcement appeared on May 27, 1857.  Pictures!  100 Lithographs of W. Root Adams, Principal of Lowville Academy, for sale-at Van Aken’s Picture Gallery, at 25 Cts., each.  E. M. Van Aken, Artist.  Lowville, May 18th, 1857.

The fourth announcement appeared on November 18, 1857.  See the new advertisement of Mr. Van Aken, on the third page.  He has an elegant suite of rooms, where all the branches of his art are carried out in perfection.  His taste and execution in all kinds of picture taking, are not to be surpassed, even in cities.  He has also reduced the price of photograph.  So remember, “Tribute to whom tribute is due.”

The fourth advertisement ran from November 18, 1857 to January 20, 1858.  Van Aken’s Photograph, Ambrotype, And Melanotype Gallery.  Great reduction in the price of Photographs! 

Until further notice is given, the Large Sized, or “Whole Plate” Photograph will be made at this establishment, at the following rates:—For the first Picture $2.00—any number after the first, 25 cents each.

The great advantage which the Photograph has over every other style of picture, is that from a single sitting, they may be multiplied to any number with perfect uniformity, and perfection.  They are not reversed, it gives a positive picture, with lights and shadows conformable to nature.

The Ambrotype which has entirely superseded the Daguerreotype, is made upon fine plate glass.  They are perfectly distinct in any angle of light, and are exceedingly brilliant.  The intensity and clearness, combined with the richness of light, and accuracy of the middle tints, give them a superiority over all other pictures in the light and shade.

The Melanotype is made upon Sheet Iron, and resembles in appearance, the Daguerreotype; yet, like the Ambrotype, they are perfectly distinct in angle of light.  They are very convenient for inserting into Lockets, Pins, Bracelets, Rings, &c.

Copies made from pictures of every description, and enlarged or diminished to any desired size. E. M. Van Aken, Artist.  Lowville, Nov. 18, 1857.

The fifth advertisement ran from February 18 to April 14, 1859.  New Picture Gallery.  The subscriber, in returning his grateful acknowledgements to the ladies and Gentlemen of this place, for past favors, begs most respectfully to announce, that he has fitted up a Gallery in the New Brick Block of J. O’Donnell & Co., Where he has every facility for taking the following styles of Pictures, from the smallest Miniature to Life Size, Viz.:  Ambrotypes, Melanotypes, Photographs, plain, Photographs, beautifully colored in Oil, Water Colors, or India Ink.  Also, A New Style Of Pictures, On Enameled Cloth, to be sent in letters, without casing, saving postage.  Those wishing Life Size Portraits, In this section of the State, will not be obligated to go to our large cities, as heretofore, but can be accommodated with a correct and faithful likeness, At Lowville, N. Y.

In prices, I also engage to conform to right, reason, and to please all who may favor me with their patronage.

All are invited to call and examine my Pictures, and accept the thanks of the proprietor. E. M. Van Aken, Artist.  Lowville, Feb. 1859.

The fifth announcement appeared on October 5, 1859.  List of Premiums Awarded by the Lewis County Agricultural Society, at the Annual Fair, held at the Village of Lowville, Sept. 22d, 23d, and 24th….Discretionary Premiums….

Best sample of Stereoscopic and Photographic Views of the North Woods, E. M. Van Aken,  $2.00

The sixth announcement appeared on December 7, 1859.  Capt. John Brown.  I have received from Thadeus Hyatt, New York, a Photograph and Autograph of John Brown, the original delivered to him by the hand of the old hero himself; a copy of which is in the hands of Mr. Van Aken, the artist, who will supply the demand at the same price charges in New York, One Dollar, and pay over to the family of John Brown seventy-five cents of every dollar so received.  J. A. Northrop.  Lowville, Dec. 5, 1859.

E. M. Van Aken is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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