Upton & Smiley

1855-1856       45 Front Street, Bath, Maine.

Upton & Smiley (Benjamin Franklin Upton & Smiley) were recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Eastern Times (Bath, Maine).  The announcement appeared on November 8, 1855.  Photographs.—Messrs. Upton & Smiley, at the old Daguerreotype Rooms of Mr. Upton, have recently introduced a photographic department to their establishment.  We have seen some specimens, colored in oil by Mr. Harris, which, for correctness of delineation and beauty of finish can’t be beat.  We say this without fear of contradiction, and any one who will take the trouble to visit the rooms, and examine the likeness of our venerable fellow citizen, Judge Clap, we are sure will agree with us.

The advertisement ran from November 29, 1855 to April 17, 1856.   Daguerreotypes By Upton & Smiley, 45 Front Street 45.

Benjamin Franklin Upton is recorded in other photographic directories but not in the partnership.  While Smiley is not recorded with a first name, this is possibly G. S. Smiley who was active in Brunswick, Maine in 1854.  For more information on Benjamin Franklin Upton see tomorrows post.  

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