1858                Hawley Block, adjoining and over the Post Office, Jamestown, New York.

Upham of the partnership of Hoard & Upham was recorded in one advertisement and  announcement in the Jamestown Journal (Jamestown, New York).  The advertisement ran on September 3 & 10, 1858.  From The Seat Of War!  Camp Life of B Company 68th Reg’t. N. Y. S. M.  I had the pleasure of seeing this grand parade of Military men, and enjoying the full benefits of ca,[ life (except the pay) in common, with Officers and Soldiers of B Company from our village.  My duty on the field was only that of a spectator, except at meal times, when I was pressed into service by order of Captain C. L. Jeffords, and marched to the victualing tent of J. D. Stearns, where we found lots of good things to eat, and James ready to wait upon us.  In this part of the exercise I believe I made a capital Soldier; I saw no one that could present the knife or folk and charge upon beef steak or boiled ham with better skill than myself.  After the performance was all over and tents taken down, six of us took passage in an extra train for Jamestown, making it in the unprecedented quick time of ten hours.  Upon the whole, it was [    ] nice affair, and I think that B Company showed off well.  All it lacks of making just such a company as it should be, is the proper attention and assistance of our citizens.  For further particulars call on Hoard & Upham at their rooms, where you can get a full view of the ground, and a nice Photograph of yourself for $3.50, and other styles of pictures for less.                       

The announcement appeared on September 24, 1858.  County Fair, 11 A. M., Sept. 22d, 1858…Hoard & Upham have a fine assemblage of pictures and photographs…

Upham is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in the partnership in 1859.  It is unknow if they won a premium or if one was even offered at the County Fair.

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