Benjamin Franklin Upton

1850-1856       45 Front Street, Bath, Maine.

N. D.               Rooms over Mr. Baker’s Store, Brunswick, Maine.

1852                Rooms over Mr. Baker’s Store, Brunswick, Maine.

Benjamin Franklin Upton was recorded in twelve advertisements and eleven announcements in the Eastern Times (Bath, Maine) and one Patent announcement in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  The first advertisement ran from July 18 to September 26, 1850.  Daguerreotype Rooms.  B. F. Upton respectfully announces to the ladies and gentlemen of Bath and vicinity, that he has taken the rooms formerly occupied by Mr. J. W. C. Morrison, where he will be happy to supply any in want with superior Daguerreotype Miniatures.

All are invited to call and examine specimens.

The first announcement appeared on August 8, 1850.  We had the pleasure, a few days since of examining  some excellent specimens of the Daguerreotype art, executed by Mr. B. F. Upton, at the Rooms formerly occupied by Mr. Morrison.  They were of superior finish—and not excelled, in any respect, we believe, by any specimens we have seen.  Mr. U, is now preparing several pictures for the purpose of exhibition at the Mechanics’ Fair, soon to be holden in Boston.  We are satisfied that those already prepared, are not, to say the least, inferior to any that have formerly taken the prize.

The second advertisement ran from September 26 to October 31, 1850.  B. F. Upton’s Daguerreotype Rooms, No. 45 Front Street, Bath, Maine.

The third advertisement ran from November 7 to December 19, 1850.  Daguerreotypes, Upton 45 Front Street.

The second announcement appeared on December 19, 1850.  Upton’s Daguerreotypes are now acknowledged to be superior to any produced in our city; and inferior to none in the country.  This is clearly attested by the crowds who visit his rooms, 45 Front street.  Give him a call, and—our word for it—you will not be disappointed.

The fourth advertisement ran from December 19, 1850 to February 20, 1851.  The Union Meeting Having passed off to the satisfaction of all true friends of the constitution, public attention is now being directed to Upton’s Daguerreotype Rooms, 45 Front Street.  Mr. Upton respectfully informs his customers that he has reduced his prices, so that none who wish for pictures can find an excuse for not embracing the present opportunity.

The fifth advertisement ran from February 27 to May 8, 1851.  Upton’s Daguerreotype Rooms, 45 Front Street 45.

The third announcement appeared on March 13, 1851.  Mr. B. F. Upton is without doubt one of the best daguerreotype operators in the country.  He has for many years given this business his entire attention, and none who visit his rooms at 45 Front St., can for a moment question his facilities for producing a perfect picture.  Strangers visiting the city will do well to give him a call.

The fourth announcement appeared on April 17, 1851.  Daguerreotypes.  In procuring a daguerreotype of yourself or friends, it is important that you employ an artist who thoroughly understands his business, and who is in every way capable of giving you a perfect picture.—Mr. B. F. Upton, 45 Front street, is a gentleman who has become celebrated for his beautiful and lifelike daguerreotypes.

The sixth advertisement ran from May 15 to August 21, 1851.  Upton’s Picture Rooms 45 Front Street.

The seventh advertisement ran from August 28 to September 18, 1851.  B. F. Upton’s Daguerreotype Rooms, 45 Front Street.  45

The fifth announcement appeared on January 8, 1852.  Mr. Upton Will be at his old Daguerreotype Rooms over Mr. Baker’s store in Brunswick, next week, commencing Jan. 12.

The eighth advertisement ran from April 8 to July 29, 1852.  Daguerreotypes, By Upton, 45 Front Street, 45.

The sixth announcement appeared on May 6, 1852.  Portrait Painting!  Swift, The Artist, Will open Rooms on or about the 10th of May, where he will be happy to receive orders from any who may wish to patronize his beautiful style of painting—a specimen of which may be seen at Mr. Upton’s Daguerrean Rooms.

Paintings true to life from Miniatures. Perfect satisfaction warranted.

The ninth advertisement ran from August 8 to September 2, 1852.  Daguerreotypes.  Mr. Upton is now at his rooms in Bath, No. 45 Front Street.

The tenth advertisement ran from August 5 to October 14, 1852.  Commencement.  Mr. Upton will be in Brunswick again some days previous to, and after commencement.  A fine opportunity will thus be presented for visitors to obtain Daguerreotypes.  This will probably be the last time he will visit Brunswick.  Terms as reasonable as can be found anywhere.

The seventh announcement appeared on April 28, 1853.  Patents.—Among the list of patents just issued, we noticed one to our townsman, B. F. Upton, for Improvement in Mercury Baths for Daguerreotyping.  [9,666][1]

The eleventh advertisement ran from September 9, 1852 to November 22, 1855.  Daguerreotypes, By Upton, 45 Front Street.  45.

The seventh announcement appeared on October 1, 1854 in The New York Herald (New York, New York). New Patents Issued…for week ending September 19, 1854.  Benjamin F. Upton, of Bath, Me., for improved apparatus for polishing daguerreotype plates.  [patent No. 11,709.]

The eighth announcement appeared on January 4, 1855.  The nearest thing for a New Year’s Present is one of Upton’s Daguerreotypes.  He is the prince of artists in this community, as is generally conceded.

The ninth announcement appeared on October 18, 1855.  Sagadahoc County Fair.  The Cattle Show and Fair of the Sagadahoc Agricultural and Horticultural Society, at Topsham last week, was a very creditable affair…

Daguerreotypes.—All the specimens of this beautiful and truly valuable art, which enables us to carry with us always the faces of our friends, were presented by the well known artist, B. F. Upton—his portraits may without suffering be compared with any which adorn the celebrated galleries of our larger cities.  The committee noticed the whole sized portrait of Dea. A. R. Mitchell as remarkable for accuracy and distinctness; a whole sized representation of two ladies as showing great taste in arranging the posture and catching the living expression of subjects, and also half sized portraits of Rev. Dr. Tappan and Elihu Burrett as remarkable for depth and richness of tone.

The tenth announcement appeared on November 8, 1855.  Photographs.—Messrs. Upton & Smiley, at the old Daguerreotype Rooms of Mr. Upton, have recently introduced a photographic department to their establishment.  We have seen some specimens, colored in oil by Mr. Harris, which, for correctness of delineation and beauty of finish can’t be beat.  We say this without fear of contradiction, and any one who will take the trouble to visit the rooms, and examine the likeness of our venerable fellow citizen, Judge Clap, we are sure will agree with us.

The twelfth Advertisement ran from November 29, 1855 to April 17, 1856.  Daguerreotypes By Upton & Smiley, 45 Front Street 45.

Benjamin Franklin Upton is recorded as B. F. Upton in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry in Bath, Maine in 1855-1856. Craig also references unknown dates in Chicago, Illinois and St.Anthony, Minnesota.  

[1] American Photographic Patents The Daguerreotype & Wet Plate Era 1840 – 1880.

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