G. W. Thompson

1857                Rooms at the Holland House, Woodsfield, Ohio.

G. W. Thompson was recorded in two announcements and one advertisement in The Spirit of Democracy (Woodsfield, Ohio).  The first announcement appeared on June 3, 1857.  Let everybody go and see Thompson’s miniature gallery.  Daguerreotypes are cast entirely in the shade by his new process.  See advertisement.

The advertisement ran from June 3 to July 29, 1857.  The Comet Visible This celebrated wanderer has just made its appearance, but it is not attracting mor attention than an invention of G. W. Thompson in the Photographic Art, where he has been introduced.  He has taken rooms at the Holland House, in Woodsfield, where he is prepared to take Miniatures in the most beautiful manner, and by all the recent improved processes, including the Ambrotype, Spherotype, Ambrograph and Margariotype.  Also on paper and patent leather for rings lockets or sending in letters.

The Margariotype is a discovery of his own, and is acknowledged by all competent judges to produce a more pleasing effect than anything hitherto discovered.  The Picture is seen standing out as it were entirely free from the back-ground, in the most beautiful relief with all the roundness of statuary—the glowing tints of nature are blending in sublime harmony—all is here presented with the warmest penciling of nature; and needs only to be seen to be appreciated.

The public are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens, and those wishing pictures can have them taken in any style desired and at the Lowest prices.

Instructions given in all the above processes, also, in Grecian and Oriental painting, on the most favorable terms.

Call soon as I shall remain but a short time.  G. W. Thompson.      

The second announcement appeared on June 10, 1857.  Thompson’s Margariotype.  This newly discovered process of taking miniatures is superseding all others wherever it has been introduced.  Daguerreotype artist are learning the new process and abandoning the old.  We verily believe that Thompson’s pictures are superior to any ever taken in this place.— Call In some fine day and examine his specimens.

G. W. Thompson is not recorded in other photographic directories. Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does record a G. W. Thompson in Russiaville, Indiana in 1860-1861 but it is unknown if they are the same person.

1 thought on “G. W. Thompson

  1. The G.W. Thompson of Russiaville, Indiana is NOT the same person as this photographer. The fact is that researchers here in Woodsfield, Monroe County, Ohio have been unable to discover where he came from or where he went after his relatively brief time here in 1857.


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