E. B. Taylor

1855                Large Brick Building, South Side of Square, Fayetteville, Tennessee.

1855                Address Unknown, Millville, Tennessee.

1856                Sulphur Spring at Craighead, Tennessee.

1857-1858       South side of the Square, long brick building, Fayetteville, Tennessee.

E. B. Taylor was recorded in three announcements and five advertisements in the Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, Tennessee).  The first announcement appeared on April 26, 1855.  Daguerreotypes—Mr. E. B. Taylor, Daguerrean Artist, has taken a room in the large brick building, south side of the Square, where he may be found on Friday and Saturday of each week, ready to furnish customers with any number of superior pictures that may be desired.  He has an excellent camera, good light, fine and common plates and cases, the best of chemicals, and what is more, he knows how to use them.  Give him a call—he is a clever, accommodating gentleman.

The first advertisement ran from April 26 to May 24, 1855.  Daguerreotypes!  The subscriber has the pleasure of informing the residents of Fayetteville and vicinity, that he has taken an excellent room in this pace, in the large brick, south side of the public square, where all are respectfully invited to call.  Come whether you want pictures or not, and see what is to be seen.

My stay will be short—only every Friday and Saturday of each week—come without delay.  Secure some precious Memento of your friends before death takes them from you.

E. B. Taylor, Practical Daguerreotypist.                   

The second announcement appeared on May 24, 1855.  Daguerreotypes—By reference to the advertisement of Mr. E. B. Taylor, Daguerrean Artist, it will be seen that he will close his room in this place the last of this week, and open on Friday next week, at Millville.  To our many friends in that region, we commend him as a good operator, and an honorable, gentlemanly, courteous man.

The third announcement appeared on June 26, 1856.  Daguerreotypes—Mr. E. B. Taylor has opened his daguerrean rooms at the Sulphur Spring, eight miles north-west of this place.  Our friends in that section who may desire good pictures, would do well to give him a call.  See his card in another column.

The second advertisement ran from June 26 to July 31, 1856.  Pictures.  Do You Want Good Pictures?  Then come one come all to the Sulphur Spring, at Craighead.  Come and see my new specimens—and you that want your pictures, come and sit for one, and I will try to give satisfaction to all.  If I can’t, I will not bind you to take it.  Come soon as my stay is limited. 

The third advertisement ran from February 5 to October 29, 1857.  E. B. Taylor, Daguerrean, Ambrotype, Melainotype Artist, South side of the Square, Fayetteville, middle door of the long brick, and 3d story.

The Melainotype is something entirely new.  It can be seen alike in all lights.  There is no metallic glare in the way as is in a Daguerreotype, and cannot be surpassed by any other Pictures for their richness and beauty, and they can be sold from 75 cents up.  Pictures taken in cloudy weather as well as fair.  I only ask from 1 to 3 seconds in clear weather to take children’s Pictures.  The Melainotype Pictures can be sent in a letter, without a case, and not be soiled.  Come everybody, and see what is to be seen, and get Pictures if you want.  If I can’t give satisfaction before finishing, there is no obligation on the purchaser.      

The fourth advertisement ran from October 29 to November 19, 1857.  E. B. Taylor, Artist, Fayetteville, Tenn.  Takes this method of informing his friends and the public generally, that his business requires him to close his Gallery in Fayetteville in a few days—or at farthest, 3 weeks.  All those desiring Pictures will come.  I have some fine Frames and fine Cases I will sell very low. The price of other Cases as heretofore.  Those owing me will please pay against that time.  If not paid without suing for it, be assured you never get another on a credit.                            

The fifth advertisement ran from February 18 to 25, 1858.  E. B. Taylor, Has opened his Picture Gallery at his old stand, South side of the Square, Fayetteville, middle door of the long brick building, and third story.—My room will be open to all who will favor me with a call.  Always kept on hand an assortment of Cases and Frames.  Prices as heretofore.  I will say to those owing me, that I am obliged to have money to carry on the business. And if settlement is not made by the First Monday in March, I will certainly place their account in the hands of an officer for collection.                 

E. B. Taylor is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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