Swain & Paul

1856                Address Unknown, Natchez, Mississippi.

1856                Rooms over J. N. Radcliff, Yazoo City, Mississippi.

Swain & Paul were recorded in one advertisement that ran from May 23 to September 26, 1856 in The Weekly American Banner (Yazoo City, Mississippi).  Call, See, And Judge For Yourselves!  Messrs. Swain & Paul of Natchez, informs the public that they have located permanently in Yazoo City, and have opened at those beautiful rooms over J. N. Ratcliff an Ambrotype, Daguerreotype, and Photograph Gallery, where they are prepared to take pictures in all the Photograph Art in a style not to be surpassed by any Artist in the county.  They have a way (peculiar to themselves) of coloring the Ambrotype which makes the most beautiful picture ever produced.

Messrs. S. & P. take pleasure in explaining to those desirous of ascertaining the mode of taking and putting up of these truly elegant and indestructible pictures.  Yazoo City

Swain & Paul are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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